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Traveling with kids? Here’s your guide

Traveling with kids can be great fun – but with diapers, strollers and all those toys in tow, it can also be a real hassle. We asked Cecilia Lindqvist, SAS Supervisor and Product Coordinator at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, for her family packing and check-in hacks.

1. Check in at home via the SAS app, the website or by text. This saves a lot of time and means that at the airport you can just leave your luggage at the self-service bag drop and avoid the check-in desks.

2. Get to the airport on time: two or two and a half hours ahead of your ­departure time. The lines can get long when many people are traveling. And with kids, you never know what can happen – maybe they need to go to the toilet, or need something to eat when you hadn’t planned for it.

3. There are strollers on the market that fold into a neat package with carry-on measurements that can be taken onto the plane. If you want to check in your stroller, you need to go via the check-in desk.

4. With SAS, either a stroller or a child car seat is included in your ticket. If you want to bring both, buy an extra piece of luggage ahead of your trip. Buying it online, at least 24 hours before the trip, is cheaper.

5. Always ask the staff to seal your airport purchases. If you’re flying to another country and need to continue on to a domestic flight, you may have to go through security again – sealed items can be taken through within 24 hours.

6. Make sure your carry-on bag is within the required dimensions. That way it fits under the seat in front of you if the overhead bin is full. Or buy a backpack which is easy to carry and fits nicely under the seat.

7. Put a luggage tag with your name and phone number inside your luggage. A tag on the outside can easily disappear, or rain may make what’s written on it hard to read. If you have a tag inside, we can reach you quickly.

8. Many airports have special family entrances to security screening, which is nice for families if there are long queues. At Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, families with children under eight years old can use the Kids’ Track.  

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