Traveling with ski equipment

Mr. Stix is making his way back to the Swiss Alps for a week of shredding the slopes. The only thing between him and the mountains is a flight, and with a lot to bring with him, he makes sure to be as well prepared as possible.

Mr. Stix’s primary concern is his ski equipment. Since he bought a SAS Go Light ticket, he needs to purchase extra checked baggage allowance. As a ski bag and a separate smaller bag for his ski boots together count as one piece of luggage, he only needs to purchase one piece of extra baggage (cost ranges from €20–35).

Additionally, as his ski bag is a larger sized sports bag (and as such considered Special Baggage, similar to golf or bike equipment), he makes sure to request space for it in connection with his booking, to assure that cargo has capacity for it.

Request space for special baggage when booking, it costs less when booked in advance.

When he gets to the airport, he drops it off at the Special Baggage counter. Since he bought his extra baggage online, he saved up to 50% of the cost compared to buying extra baggage at the airport.

WiFi can be purchased in advance

Mr. Stix knows there’s a lot more to do in the mountains than spend time on his devices, so he decides to buy the on- board WiFi to send a few last emails and update his social media while in the air.

Pre-ordering food saves time and money

Mr. Stix wants to head straight to the mountains upon arrival in Zurich, so he pre-orders a healthy seasonal and locally produced meal in order to save time. The selection from which to pre-order is larger than what is offered in-flight and can be done up to 18 hours before departure.

Booking a seat can mean a swift exit

Since Mr. Stix want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes, he wants to get out of the airport as quickly as he can. Therefore, he pays €15 to pre-book an aisle seat in advance.

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