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Traveling with ski equipment

Mr. Stix is making his way back to the Swiss Alps for a week of shredding the slopes. The only thing between him and the mountains is a flight, and with a lot to bring with him, he makes sure to be as well prepared as possible.

Here’s our handy checklist for a smooth flight to the snow and the slopes: 


Pre-register your baggage

1. Pre-register your baggageIf you don’t want to hire equipment at the ski resort, you can easily take your own kit with you. Skis and snowboards are considered special baggage. As long as checked baggage is included in your flight ticket and the weight doesn’t exceed that of a normal checked bag, you won’t have to pay any extra. When you check in skis or a snowboard bag, you can also check in a small bag containing your boots free of charge. All you need to do is let us know in advance that you intend to bring your equipment. Then we can make sure there’s enough room in the plane’s hold. You must pre-register your intention to bring your equipment with you at least 24 hours before departure. You can add special baggage by logging in to your booking at flysas.com.

2. WiFi

Did you know that SAS has the best high-speed WiFi on the market? So you can send those last few work emails before getting your vacation started onboard. On a ski trip, there are a lot better things to do than be glued to a screen.

3. Food onboard

If you’re keen to head straight to the slopes as soon as you land, you’ll need to fill your belly first. So on flights longer than 80 minutes within Europe and Scandinavia, you can pre-order a wholesome meal made using local, seasonal produce to enjoy onboard. There’s a wider range to choose from when you pre-order compared with ordering in the cabin. Pre-ordering is available up to 18 hours before departure. You can pre-order breakfast on flights within Europe and Scandinavia of at least 60 minutes’ duration that have a scheduled departure time before 9am.

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