Traveling with small children

Many parents long to discover the world accompanied by their children, but traveling with small children can be a real challenge. These ten tips from SAS Crew will get your trip off to a flying start.

Ten tips from SAS Cabin Crew: 

Take it easy

Allow plenty of time. Remember that you can also check in from home. Allow more time in your planning as traveling with children can take more time. Don't stress, view the flight as part of the trip.

Preparation is crucial

Be well prepared. It's a good idea to talk to your child before you travel. Explain where you're going and what you have to look forward to. Talk about safety procedures such as how important it is to sit with your seatbelt fastened at take-off and landing.

Pack together

Involve children in packing their own bag with a cuddly toy, toys, books and other favorites.


Charge tablets and phones. Many SAS aircraft have USB ports, but a powerbank can be worth taking. Don't forget to download favorite movies.

Include a surprise.

Take a toy, a game from home or buy something new that will be a surprise in the air. If you gift wrap it, it will be even more exciting. Save a few things for the flight back, too.

Think about your carry-on bag

Pack hand baggage smart. Take everything that can be needed during the flight but no more than necessary. Remember that the more you pack, they heavier the bag will be to carry and observe the max hand baggage weight allowance. It's a good idea to pack things in small bags, this makes things easier to find in the bag.

Eat onboard

It's a good idea to pre-book a meal. This means everyone can get what they like, even the most picky. Pre-ordered food also helps reduce food waste and towards a more sustainable flight.

Make sure everyone is comfortable onboard

An extra cushion or favorite blanket can be good to take, plus a change of clothing.

Choose your seats

You can often book seats in advance. Make a strategic choice of seats. A window seat can provide peace and quiet while being able to see all the exciting things outside, an aisle seat ensures easier access to the WC.

Document the trip

Take a travel diary, that you can write in together and draw some of your travel experiences.

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