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66 aircraft is about to be retrofitted. Photo: Derek Knight
66 aircraft is about to be retrofitted. Photo: Derek Knight


Upgrading the interior

For the millions of travelers flying short-haul each year, the onboard experience is about to go to a whole new level of comfort.

29 million true travelers fly SAS short-haul each year and the retrofit of 66 short-haul aircraft means that any time you fly you’ll enjoy the SAS New Experience from the moment you board.

The retrofit has already begun and the same premium design elements already introduced on the long-haul fleet and the A320neo will now be installed on 66 aircraft that make up the rest of the short-haul fleet.

The retrofit will take place in four stages. Seat coverings and cushions, carpets, curtains, and interior walls will be replaced first, followed by high speed WiFi and then high-powered USB ports at each seat. The final stage will involve replacing all fluorescent cabin lights with soothing LED lights. This retrofit more than just a lick of paint: the overall effect will be modern and soothing, reflecting SAS’s premium Scandinavian heritage – perfect for the on-the-go true traveler.

Text: Judi Lembke

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