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When selecting  travel outfit, think about the comfort of your fellow passengers as well as your own.
When selecting travel outfit, think about the comfort of your fellow passengers as well as your own.


What to wear when traveling

You should dress so that both you and your fellow passengers are comfortable during the journey, as Norway’s foremost travel writer, Christine Baglo, tells Scandinavian Traveler.

Christine Baglo is a travel journalist and writer.Journalist and commentator Christine Baglo of the Dagsavisen newspaper is one of the most well-traveled women in Norway. She has visited around 55 countries on all continents and she spends almost as much time traveling as she does at home in Asker, just outside Oslo. Her day job is writing travel articles for the Dagsavisen newspaper, but she also authors travel guides and gives lectures. When selecting her travel outfit, she thinks about the comfort of her fellow passengers as well as her own. 

“It has to be soft, light, and comfortable. I like to wear leggings with a little bit of give in them – or a dress – they are much more comfortable than stiff jeans and pants. On my upper body, I first wear a thin top or a light piece of clothing, and I like to wear a knitted cardigan as the second layer. A cardigan is much easier to put on and take off than a sweater, and there is less chance of you knocking out the person sitting next to you. The temperature inside the aircraft can vary, so it is handy to be able to add and remove layers. A knitted cardigan can also make a lovely soft pillow,” Baglo tells Scandinaviantraveler.com

A nice broad scarf not only looks good, but is also very functional.
“It can be used as a neck support or a great blanket. Or you can use it as an eye mask and create your own ‘private’ space if you fancy a nap.”

Earplugs are indispensable.
“They are brilliant when flying. The loud roaring noise makes me so tired and dizzy whenever I fly, but with those small foam plugs in my ears I am in my own little bubble.”

On long flights, your legs can easily swell up as a result of sitting still for long periods. This is usually harmless and can be prevented by wearing support socks and by moving regularly during the flight. But it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are not too tight. Baglo often wears breathable shoes.
“Then I can kick them off without annoying the other passengers with any unpleasant odors.”

She always has a spare change of clothes in her carry-on baggage.
“Otherwise if there were an accident and someone spilled something on me or my baggage was delayed, I would have nothing else to wear.”

Remember too that you have to go through airport security. You will save time for yourself, the security staff, and your fellow passengers if you avoid big belt buckles and shoes with metal details, and other items that could set off the metal detector. 

Text: Inga Ranghild Holst

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