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Blended winglet on one of SAS´s Boeing 737-783.
Blended winglet on one of SAS´s Boeing 737-783.


Why planes have winglets

Ever wondered why some of the airplanes have a small bend at the wingtip? It´s called a winglet - and here´s how it works.

The part of an airplane wing furthest from the fuselage is called the wingtip. There are many designs, but in all cases the purpose of the wingtip is to reduce the aircraft’s drag and improve its efficiency. Wingtips that have an upward facing angle are known as winglets and they reduce air resistance without increasing the wingspan. A Boeing 737-800's winglet reduces fuel consumption by 1–4%, depending on the distance and how heavily loaded the plane is. The longer the flight and the heavier the plane, the better the effect.

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