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10 exciting venues for beer lovers to visit in Trondheim

In Trondheim breweries and pubs, you can try everything from smoked Stjørdalsøl to modern white wheat beer. Cheers and enjoy.

Discover better beers

To get Austmann Bryggeri and TapRoom off the ground, the brewers mortgaged the homes of their mothers and aunts. One year later, production at the brewery was up and running. They have long since outgrown those first premises. You can now buy their beer at the Norwegian state-run alcohol retailer Vinmonopolet. But if you find yourself in Trondheim, you can visit the brewery and sample the beer in the adjacent TapRoom pub. What can you taste and buy? Everything from IPA to Coffe Porter – via Hoppy Blonde beers and pilsners. Something for all tastes, in other words.

Austmann Bryggeri og TapRoom

Sluppenvegen 10, 7037 Trondheim

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Pub and Brewery

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri was the second brewpub in Norway. All the beer served here is brewed on the premises. The brewery also serves food of the substantial kind, such as beef cheeks, bacalao and beef, plus naturally, vegetarian dishes. In 2017, the brewery started distilling spirits: vodka, aquavit, whisky, and gin. They also offer tastings in the pub.

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri

Prinsens Gate 39, 7011 Trondheim

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The Hammerhead Brewing Company in Trondheim brews very hoppy beer with tropical notes.

Time for take-off

In summer, the Hammer Head Brewing Company launched its new Aviator beer. With Aviator, the brewery is tracing its wingbeats back to the very start. CEO Tommy Hammer had the idea of starting a brewery when training to become a pilot in the US in 2007. That was where he tasted his very first craft beer. Now, many years later, his dream of a brewery in Trondheim has become reality.“We have built a craft brewery profiled on our hoppy beer. We have never been afraid of stepping outside traditional boundaries when it comes to styles. Although we like to experiment, our focus always puts quality first,” says Hammer.The brewery is licensed to sell alcohol online to customers living in the Trondheim area. They can deliver or you can click and collect an order. They also have a sales outlet and a tap room at the brewery where they offer tastings. And if you have brewing in your bones, you can even brew your own beer here.

Hammerhead Brewing Company

Forsøkslia 9E, 7028 Trondheim

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Smoked malt is one of the ingredients in Alstadberger, a Klostergården beer.

In monastery ruins

This brewery is just outside Trondheim on the island of Tautra to the north of the city. Having previously served food only, the owners of Klostergården wanted to offer a beer that was a good marriage with their food. Today, Klostergården offers a basic range plus seasonal beers. Their Alstaberger, a so-called Stjørdalsøl beer with smoked malt, has been awarded the Specialty label. You can also stay overnight at Klostergården, so if you take a trip there from Trondheim, you not only get great food and delicious beer, but also a cozy bed to sleep in. They also have a farm shop where you can buy a souvenir to round off your stay. The shop sells hams, cheeses, spices, candy, soap, and naturally beer. Klostergården is next to the ruins of a Cistercian monastery that dates from 1207.


7633 Frosta

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Photo: Tom Gustavsen-Trondelag.com

Fantastic range of beers

Gulating is like a library for beer. You can find pretty much every beer you could dream of here. This store stocks an amazing 500 beers, including plenty of local beers. Gulating has two sales outlets in Trondheim.

Gulating Ølutsalg

Thoning Owesens gate 28, 7044 Trondheim

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Taste sensation in Bakklandet

This area on the east side of the Nidelva river in Trondheim, is an absolute must see location. The old timber buildings are gorgeous and there are also many fine stores and restaurants. If you are keen to explore what’s happening in the beer universe, head to Den gode nabo. They offer a large selection of local beers from in and around Trondheim, plus international beers. Lovely atmosphere, too.

Den gode nabo

Øvre Bakklandet 66, 7016 Trondheim

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Do you fancy a Soddø or a Toillbokk? The names of Inderøy gårdsbryggeri beers can be tongue twisters if you don’t speak Norwegian.

Den gylne omvei

The island of Inderøy has been dubbed den gylne omvei, or the golden detour, quite simply because it is a great place to stop off in on your way north or south. You can taste beers in a choice of packages at this farmhouse brewery. A standard beer tasting with four different beers together with explanations of how the different raw ingredients shape the taste. Other packages are designed to go with the local food. And here, you get plenty to choose from: Stout, amber ale, mead, IPS, cider and many others. The names are delightfully local: Svinpæls, Toilbokk and Soddøl. You should know what part of the world you are in.

Inderøy gårdsbryggeri

Kvamshaugan 48, 7670

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Delicious brewing in a cellar

ØX Tap Room has moved into a vaulted cellar under the new Frati on Torvet. Here, they serve around half a dozen of their own beers, plus beers from other breweries. If you want to find out more about the beers and the ingredients used to brew them, just ask.

Øx Tap Room

Munkegata 26, 7011 Trondheim

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E.C. Dahl was determined to make life better for the people of Trondheim. Photo: Anne Reisch

Beer, music, food, and culture

This brewery was founded by Erich Christian Dahl in 1856. It is now owned by Carlsberg. They share a long history in many respects.“Founder E.C. Dahl was a businessman and philanthropist who wanted to help the local population of Trondheim who had helped him make his fortune. He therefore sought to repay them and the city in many different ways. He helped disadvantaged children and was chair of Trondheim Theater.“Giving something back to the city that made you, is a tradition we aim to continue,” says Brewery Ambassador Kristian Berger of E.C. Dahls Bryggeri. In 2016, E.C. Dahls expanded and opened the brewery to the public. You can now enjoy an introduction to brewing beer with a glass in your hand. You can also book a visit that includes dinner. The brewery pub serves substantial dishes: Bone marrow, elk loin, mussels from Åfjord and much more. And naturally, beer is served with all the dishes. In the grounds behind the brewery, they arrange concerts with musicians from the local record label, Crispin Glover Records. E.C. Dahls has been brewing over 60 kinds of beer since 2016, some in partnership with the Brooklyn Brewery in New York. They also invite guest brewers, such as the band Motorpsycho, and Norwegian painter Håkon Gullvåg, whose childhood home overlooked the brewery.“With our history, we could have created a museum, but we decided to tell our story in these ways instead.”

E.C. Dahls bryggeri

Sverres gate 1, Trondheim

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At the Brewing Festival, you can taste smoked beer, sour beer, and potentially thousands of other brewed beverages.


You can try specialty beers and artisan beers at the Annual Brewing Festival. Taste new beers and learn about the art of brewing and how to marry beer with food.

Bryggerifestivalen i Trondheim

When: 28–30 July, 2022

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