Oaxen Slip Photo: Jann Lipka
Oaxen Slip Photo: Jann Lipka

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A taste of Stockholm

Stockholm has developed into a real food city over the last few years. Oliver Jansson, an Instagram celeb with discerning taste buds, guides us through the Swedish capital's many restaurants and shares one of the city’s best kept secrets – how to get a table at the incredibly popular Lilla Ego restaurant.

Sophie Millard at Sophies Canelé Photo: Jann Lipka

It’s 10am and Sophies Canelé on S:t Eriksplan is heavily scented with the aroma of fresh baking. The café is owned by Sophie Millard, a Frenchwoman determined to put canelé, a small pastry made from a kind of pancake batter and baked in small copper molds, on the Swedish food map. 

Oliver Jansson aka Sthlmfoodie Photo: Jann Lipka

“I'm a real Francophile and love this place,” Jansson says. “I like to come here on weekend mornings, before Stockholm has woken up.”

Jansson is better known by his 15,000 followers on Instagram as “Sthlmfoodie”. Constantly on the hunt fornew gastronomic experiences that he then shares with his followers, Jansson lives in the same building as his favorite restaurant, Lilla Ego. The plan is for us to conclude our food tour of the Swedish capital there, but first, we’ll visit a few of his other favorite places on the way.

After breakfast, we flee the big city buzz and head to Rosendals Trädgård on the island of Djurgården. The store sells apples from the gardens here and every kind of cabbage.

“This is a place not to miss when you go for a walk in Djurgården. It’s a real oasis where you can wander around and wind down,” Jansson says.

Rosendals Trädgårdscafé Photo: Jann Lipka

Not far from Rosendals is Oaxen, which was awarded two stars by the Guide Michelin in 2015. The restaurant has large glass windows and is divided into two parts. Oaxen offers fine dining, while next door is the more simple Oaxen Slip, where we’re going to eat lunch today. The primary focus here is sustainability and organic products. Lunch is served on 1970s style plates and as soon as they arrive, Jansson whips out his smartphone.

“My friends give me a bit of a hard time because I’m always taking photos of the food when I’m out. One friend has even started his own Instagram account where he uploads photos of me taking photos of food,” Jansson says with a laugh.

Oaxen Slip Photo: Jann Lipka

Once the food has been snapped, discussed and eaten, we can relax. Jansson explains that he started sharing his food experiences when he was a student in Shanghai. There, he started an account on a platform that isn’t available in Sweden, to share his food experiences. When he returned home, he started his Sthlmfoodie account on Instagram.

“It’s a hobby that I do on the side of my job as a market analyst, as I’m a massive foodie,” he explains.

The plan for the evening is to eat dinner at Lilla Ego, a restaurant famous for being almost impossible to get a table at. It has been acclaimed by a number of food critics and since opening many of its chefs have competed successfully in “Chef of the Year” competitions.

“I’m a fool to myself for telling you this. But the trick is to come at one of the magic times of 16.40, 18.40 or 20.40. At these times you’ll find a space at the bar and this is by far the most enjoyable place to sit,” Jansson says.

They don’t take booking for seats at the bar at Lilla Ego so they’re available to anyone who drops in. what’s more you have a full view of the busy kitchen from these highly desirable bar stools.

“This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Stockholm. In a way, I feel incredibly secure here as the atmosphere is so personal and warm,” Jansson says.

Oliver Jansson at Lilla Ego with owner Tom Sjöstedt Photo: Jann Lipka

Lilla Ego is owned by chefs Tom Sjöstedt and Daniel Räms. Sjöstedt describes it as a totally ordinary neighborhood restaurant that serves food they like to eat themselves.

“Food wise, we aim to offer a higher level than a normal neighborhood restaurant where the menu is changed as rarely as possible. We always try to offer what’s in season,” Sjöstedt says.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to small and personal cafés and value for money local restaurants, Stockholm has plenty to offer visitors on any budget. And don’t leave home without your smartphone!

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