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Antalya’s best food experiences

Fresh figs, charcoal grills, mezes and sophisticated café culture make Antalya one of the most complete food locations in the whole of the Mediterranean.

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Happy calories

Hailed as one of the ten best patisseries in Turkey, Salman has been seducing Antalya with the good things in life for decades. Feast on gooey cream cakes with chocolate and chopped pistachio nuts on a soft sponge base for a true dream cake, or perhaps timeless classics, such as baklava and sutlac with chocolate kick profiteroles? They’ve got everything from homemade pralines to cream filled delights and delicate buns and Salman also serves a filling breakfast with sheep’s cheese, olives and salad. The café itself is more cool and practical than romantic. Eat at the outdoor tables.

Salman Patisserie Cafe

Haşimişcan Mah. Fevzi Çakmak Cd. Uluç Apt. 7/1A

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Boundless barbecue

Turkey is a land of charcoal grills and meat. At Vahap Usta, close to Konyaalti beach, they’ve pretty much found the perfect formula. The culinary landscape stretches from oriental kebabs to international classics such as Chateaubriand and T-bone steaks. But with culinary roots in southeast Turkey, it would be a shame to overlook the house specialties, including ali nazik, that combines grilled slices of lean lamb with a creamy and smoky aubergine purée. Beyti kebab and yogurtlu kebab also offer the same well-balanced mix of mild and spicy. Vahap Usta also serves brilliant mezes. Or why not sample a delicious biber yogurtlu made of creamy yoghurt, garlic and grilled peppers?

Vahap Usta Et Restaurant

ürsu Mahallesi, Atatürk Blv. No:160

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Börek at its best

Small, crunchy bites filled with tart cream cheese or lightly spiced minced beef – can you think of a better way to start to the day? No, nor us. The legendary Tevfik Usta has been sating morning appetites in Antalya for decades. The focus is totally centered on börek, a kind of oriental missing link between a pie and crepes. Here, in a small and anonymous neighborhood eatery, they bake this dish with real professional pride and precision. There’s only a handful of tables in a stairway, so get there early to make the most of the divinely delicious food.

Tevfik Usta

Sinan Mah, Peker Cad, 1255 Sok

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What the coffee beans mean

Black as sin, sweet as paradise. Turkish coffee is serious coffee. Roasted and finely ground. Prepared with a procedure almost as complicated asrocket science. Enjoy the results at Osmanlis Kahvecisi at any of the drawing book colored tables and chairs spread around a shady courtyard by Antalya’s old bazaars. Türk kahvesi is ceremoniously served from a traditional spouted coffee pot called an ibrik. The cups are tiny, the coffee strong and full of flavor. It should also have sugar. Fortune telling by “reading” the thick sediment at the bottom of the cup is a longstanding tradition. If you need something fortifying afterwards, Osmanli also serves freshly squeezed iced lemonade that you drink from a straw.

Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi

Balbey Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi

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Turkish smörgåsbord

Think of a Turkish taste and you’ll find it here, on a cool terrace with Mediterranean views. For decades, 7 Mehmet has forged a reputation as the most talked-about restaurant in Antalya. Both the President and some of the most popular singers in Turkey have enjoyed the magnificent food that ranges from slow cooked lamb and grilled fish to the orientalravioli look alike manti in a gutsy tomato soup. Luxurious, but relaxed. Costs a bit more than the average, but far from eye-wateringly expensive. The menu also includes vegetarian options and mezes. We recommend you round off your meal with pumpkin conserve, crushed walnuts and tahini.

7 Mehmet

Meltem Mahallesi, Atatürk Kültür Parkı, Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:201

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Flavors of the region

A typical Antalya lunch or dinner in Antalya often pans out this way – start with mercimek çorba a rich lentil soup and a tahinli piyaz salad brimming with beans, boiled eggs, garlic, chili, tahini and lemon. Follow that with a charcoal grilled lamb mince sis köfte on a bed of pitta bread surrounded by grilled onions, green chili and flat leaf parsley. Fresh vegetables and butter fried rice make the meal complete. And to drink, why not a yoghurt-based ayran or salgam, a fire engine red vegetable juice? Sisci Ramazan in Yeri is basic and on the heavily trafficked Yener Ulusoy Bulvari, but congenial and pleasant with spectacularly low prices.

Sisci Ramazan´in Yeri

Yener Ulusoy Bulvari 44

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Tea in the park

The tongue twisting Karaalioglu Parki not only provides the green lungs of Antalya, it’s also the city’s open larder in a way. Do as the locals do – stroll around in the morning or evening under shady pines and towering date palms and drink amber-colored Turkish tea out of a small, tulip shaped glass. There are numerous tea houses that offer sea views, toast and tavla, Turkish backgammon. Close to the Hidirlik Kulesi tower, you'll also find Aytek Büfe a kiosk that serves oriental style meatballs in crunchy bread. The menu also includes everything from beer and anise-flavored raki to maras dondurma – Turkish ice cream, made with salep, mastic, and sugar.

Aytek Büfe

Kılınçarslan Mahallesi, Park Sk. No: 26

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Masses of mezes

Gaziantep’s specialty is small dishes or mezes. Enjoy them with a backdrop of sea views and the sound of Oriental bowed instruments. Turkish tzatziki haydari made of creamy yoghurt, garlic and mint is a big favorite, as are antep ezme, a tomato salsa, smoky sesame hibes and muhammara, a spicy dip made of crushed walnuts and chili. The sheep’s cheese with walnuts is also delicious, as are the house-pickled artichoke hearts and salty sardines. Add lavas bread and raki or yoghurt-based ayran to drink.

Gaziantep Et ve Balik Restaurant

Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Konyaaltı Cd. No: 6

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