Trendy cocktails in the making. Photo: Rasmus Flint Pedersen
Trendy cocktails in the making. Photo: Rasmus Flint Pedersen

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Award-winning bartender’s hottest Copenhagen bar trends

Noma didn’t just put Copenhagen on the world’s top gourmet map – the restaurant also had an impact on the city’s bar life.

The Copenhagen bar trend is a fine combination of what is happening in the rest of the world together with what our very creative restaurants are doing, says award-winning Danish bartender Hardeep Rehal.

A good example is how the now legendary Danish chef René Redzepi’s deep dive into the Nordic pantry has inspired bartenders to use local, and sometimes unexpected, ­ingredients in their cocktails.

“It didn’t take long after Noma’s success until the bars in Copenhagen had implemented new Nordic flavors into their menus,” says Rehal, a three-time winner of the IBA Danish Cocktail Championship.

Local ingredients and craft spirits are also a big trend in Copenhagen. 

“Bartenders partner up with local distillers and brewers to create custom products connected to a specific bar,” Rehal says. “Another trend we might see more of during this year is so-called ABV cocktails, which are lower in alcohol.”

Taste is not all, though. The look, as well as the glass itself, is also part of the cocktail experience.

“Presentation is alpha and omega,” Rehal says. “You make the decision with your eyes before anything else. The Nordic look has always been minimalistic, simple with clean lines. While cocktails have been presented like that in past years, we now see more bartenders making an effort to jazz up the presentations, with either more garnish or side serves.”


By Jessica Johansson

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