St. Georg is a cozy part of town with lots of cafés and restaurants.
St. Georg is a cozy part of town with lots of cafés and restaurants.

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Easy living in Hamburg’s cozy St. Georg quarter

Like any self-respecting city of any size, Hamburg has its own gay quarter. Hamburg’s “Greenwich Village” is called St. Georg, a cozy part of town with lots of cafés and restaurants along the main street, Lange Reihe.

Café Gnosa

Café Gnosa has been around for 25 years and has become the meeting point for the gay community in Café Gnosa. Photo: Anna BergkvistSt. Georg. The food is good, the sweets even better, and both meat lovers and vegetarians can find something on the menu. Continue for drinks at the trendy gay bar Bellini after dinner.

Lange Reihe 93


Cox is one of Hamburg’s most fashionable restaurants, serving German food with a French touch. The chef uses spices from all corners of the world, and the food is served on beautiful dishes. The restaurant is simply but luxuriously decorated in red leather. It’s a popular place with a professional staff.

Lange Reihe 68 / Greifswalder Straße 43

Das Dorf

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. At least the chefs at Das Dorf thinks so. This cozy, rustic restaurant serves genuine German dishes, like original Wiener Schnitzel, served with homebaked bread. And the location doesn’t get any more central than this – Das Dorf is located a stone’s throw from the central station, the Ohnzorg-Theater and the Deutsches Schauspielhaus.

Lange Reihe 39

Mutterland Delikatessen

Mutterland Delikatessen is the place to find beautifully wrapped organic goodies for everyone. It has a seating area if you’re hungry or need a coffee right away, and it also offers online shopping.

Ernst-Merck-Straße 9

t.boutique & t.bar

Taste “handpicked happiness” in a cup at the trendy t.boutique & t.bar in the center of Hamburg. The house specialty, LaTea with foamed milk, is quickly becoming the new latte in town. This is a heaven for tea lovers to sniff, sample, savor, and be inspired.

Lange Reihe 68

Text: Sofia Zetterman 

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