The restaurant Rawfoodbaren in Gothenburg. Photo: Jesper Löfman
The restaurant Rawfoodbaren in Gothenburg. Photo: Jesper Löfman

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Eating out in Gothenburg just got better

The range of restaurants on offer in Gothenburg has been dominated for far too long by depressing beer deals and overhyped gourmet burgers. Now the options for eating out are finally catching up with what Gothenburgers have been looking for all along!

All this has been inspired by one small part of town. An area that seems a little slow-paced, but remains attractive year in, year out. All because the constant flow of new additions make it a vibrant, ever-changing place. The area stretches out from Järntorget like a fan. The long streets and courtyards that only ten years ago were the shabbiest in the city now have a genuine Copenhagen feel to them. Antiques shops and barbers, vegan coffee shops and nano-breweries, strip clubs and cycle repair shops. Nothing comes as a surprise here.

Old Gothenburg Auction House

The big news is what has happened to the old Gothenburg Auction House on Tredje Långgatan – with the arrival of a brand new cluster of places from Avenyfamiljen (Gothenburg’s equivalent of Stureplansgruppen in Stockholm). A wine bar, café, bakery, several restaurants, and a cultural arena on a generous four-thousand square meter site. Each of them has room to grow and they have all made their own unique mark.
Italian bistro Taverna Averna serves carefully prepared homely Italian food in a spacious room with marble, wood, glass, and brass details. Preserved panels and paintings line every wall, all the way up to the ceiling – 350 local artists are represented.
Kafé Magasinet is located in the old storeroom, where the worn wooden floors have been preserved and the plaster on the walls is cracked, giving the place an industrial feel. Serves lattes made using oat milk, and bread rolls with greens.
The building is also home to a Chinese restaurant called Made in China, while Tacos&Tequila makes ceviche and tacos. Olssons vin has both wine and cheese, while you will find a Vietnamese food truck in one of the courtyards.

The auction house really takes locally produced ingredients seriously, with its own organic roof garden and a promise that all its restaurants will be KRAV-certified during 2015.

Tredje långgatan


Another new arrival, at Järntorget itself, is Folk. Folk has a London feel, with people engaged in lively conversation in the foyer of Folkteatern. The restaurant serves innovative vegetarian food accompanied by fine natural wines. Anyone who thinks they know what vegetarian cuisine tastes like should come to Folk with an open mind. New tastes, colors, and shapes, as well as magnums of natural wines!

Olof Palmes Plats


Rawfoodbaren opened its doors in January 2015, in a definite niche. Serving raw vegetables in a minimalist environment, Rawfoodbaren is run by a dedicated owner with a belief and a will.

Prinsgatan 5 och Viktoriagatan 18


A stone’s throw away is Hoze, a fantastic super-nerdy sushi restaurant with six seats and counter service. An incredibly soulful experience, with a chef who trained under a Japanese master. A must-do.

Stigbergsliden 17

Dubbel Dubbel

The attractive Dubbel Dubbel, where there are dumplings and DJs, was one of the important first restaurants to dare to specialize as if Gothenburg were a big city, or actually the first to acknowledge all the people from around the world who have chosen to live in a cozy little city. It never really feels like Gothenburg at Dubbel Dubbel, more like a weeknight in New York…

Kastellgatan 14

The area has matured rapidly and at the same time has become bolder than ever before. There is a feeling of awareness and it is far from predictable.


Text: Petra Dokken


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