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Bastard Burgers, one of the eight burger places on Burgerdudes list.
Bastard Burgers, one of the eight burger places on Burgerdudes list.

Photo: Bastard Burgers

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Find the best burgers in Stockholm

The gang that call themselves the Burgerdudes have been dedicated burger critics all round the world for nearly ten years. Here are their eight favorites in Stockholm.

Burgerdudes have written over 300 reviews on burgers in over 50 countries. When they review a burger, they always choose the most classic burger on the menu, such as the cheeseburger.
“Reviewing and evaluating the quality of a burger is simplest when it's only a bun, meat and cheese. This means there’s continuity in our critique.”

Here are the eight Burgerdudes Stockholm favorites:

Foto: Björn Terring

A veteran that still cuts the mustard

You could say that Sweden's march into the burger world began with the launch of Flippin’ Burgers in spring 2012. Here, organic Blumenthal ground meat is married with freshly baked, succulent and lightly toasted buns along with an impressive range of beers. An obvious choice for any burger lover.

Flippin’ Burgers

Observatoriegatan 8. Stockholm

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Photo: Burgerdudes

Stockholm’s best kept burger secret

At Franky’s, everything is about the food. Here, they serve plain burgers with classic accessories of the very highest quality. You can tell the owner has a burning passion for burgers, and they don't skimp on anything. A wonderful experience for burger nerds.


Tegnérgatan 16. Stockholm

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Photo: Bastard Burgers

New York street food with North Sweden quality

Bastard Burgers opened in Luleå in the far north of Sweden in fall 2016 and have since expanded southwards, including Stockholm. The varied menu includes several amazing alternatives, for both carnivores and vegans while their burger of the month never fails to delight.

Bastard Burgers

Rehnsgatan 22. Stockholm

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Photo: Funky Chicken Food truck

Stockholm's best food truck burgers

After winning both the popular vote and jury vote at the 2016 Stockholm Burger Festival, there's no longer any doubt that Funky Chicken is the absolute best food truck in Sweden, let along Stockholm. Veterans at the griddle never skimp on quality, not even when the line stretches round the block.

Funky Chicken Food truck

Photo: 8ft Burger

Bargain burgers in a container

We at Burgerdudes have designed the menu for 8ft Burger – the most gorgeous burger bar in Sweden that's housed in a 2.5m container. Bargain burgers made of either freshly ground Swedish beef or fried haloumi in a genuinely cool setting. Did we mention the double fried French fries with rosemary salt?

8ft Burger

Hötorgsterrassen, Stockholm

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Photo: Barrels Burgers & Beer

Top class in central Stockholm

The entire Barrels Burgers & Beers concept, forst opened in 2015, feels well-planned and executed, from the tasteful styling to the burgers served. In June 2017, the second venue opened in the city centre and the team has just opened a third restaurant on Södermalm.

Barrels Burgers & Beer

Stora Nygatan 20, Stockholm

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Photo: Bun Meat Bun

Stockholm's answer to Shake Shack

Fast food at its very best. Here, they serve smashed burgers, which means they press the meat patty with a weight to get a much bigger frying surface area. You can order your burger extra fine where you’ll be served gently fried onions and mustard fried meat. Delicious.

Bun Meat Bun

Söderhallarna, Stockholm

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Photo: Burgerdudes

Stockholm's new star in the burger firmament

Burgers and Pastrami – BAP has just opened in Östermalm in central Stockholm. BAP profiles itself as a slightly more upmarket burger restaurant. In addition to burgers, obviously, the focus is on house made pastrami, an unusual sight in Stockholm.

Burgers and Pastrami – BAP

Linnégatan 38

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