The Latin Quarter in Aarhus. Well worth a visit.
The Latin Quarter in Aarhus. Well worth a visit.

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Five happy places in Aarhus

Danish filmmaker Mads Munk is often on the road, but when he comes back home to Aarhus, he knows how to get into the Aarhus state of mind quickly: by visiting these five places.

ARoS art museum

Inside the Rainbow you'll find the ARos art museum.

“ARoS is one of the city’s hottest, quirkiest, and most innovative cultural institutions.”

ARoS Allé 2

Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard Museum

The museum is responsible for archaeological studies in the area, and collaborates with Aarhus University.

“An amazing piece of new architecture. The museum experience takes visitors back to the future.”

Moesgård Allé 15

Cafe Casablanca

Café Casablanca in the latin quarters in Aarhus.

Casablanca Aarhus, in the Latin Quarter next to the cathedral, was Denmark’s first French brasserie-inspired café outside of Copenhagen.

“A great place to socialize and meet people in the evenings.”

Rosensgade 12

The Latin Quarter

Take a stroll through the latin quarters.

“Latinerkvarteret,” or the Latin Quarter, is in the Aarhus town center.

“Take a wander through the beautiful streets with a latte in your hand to feel the atmosphere and be enchanted.”


Klassisk 65

“Aarhus is a gastronomic town with great Michelin star restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants is Klassisk 65, a small rustic restaurant with a great atmosphere.”

Jægergårdsgade 65

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