Photo: Magnus Glans
Photo: Magnus Glans

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Five tantalizing tastes from Malta

When you visit Malta, make sure you have enough time to eat your way around the beautiful island. Don't miss these culinary specialties.

Photo: Magnus Glans

Ħobż biż-żejt literally translates to 'bread with oil' and is the number one Maltese snack, made from crusty sourdough bread. The bread is typically rubbed with fresh Maltese tomatoes or tomato paste, drizzled with olive oil and topped with capers, onions and olives.
Try the special platter at: Diar Il-Bniet, on Main Street in Dingli.

Il-Kbira, Ħad-Dingli

Photo: Magnus Glans

Photo: Magnus Glans

Ftira, the ““Maltese- style pizza,”  made with crusty and semi-flat bread, topped with anything from thin sliced potatoes, to beef or anchovies, olives, and grated Maltese cheeselets. A must-try when in Malta!
Try it at: The Artisan Baker.

The Artisan Baker
St Dominic Street, Valletta.

Photo: Magnus Glans

Stuffat tal-fenek, the tomato-based rabbit stew filled with vegetables is the number one Mmaltese speciality. It cooks takes over two2 hours to cook in order to bring out the rich flavours.  Served with spaghetti.
Have a taste at: Ta Rikardu.

Ta Rikardu, 4, Fosos Street, Victoria, Gozo.

Photo: Magnus Glans

Lampuki, The fish known as the 'mahi-mahi', or the common blue dolphinfish, that that migrate past the Maltese islands from the end of August until November.  Freshly -caught lampuki is fried and flavoured with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and vinegar. 
Enjoy it at:The Fortina Terrace Restaurant, Tigne Seafront  in Sliema, with a breathtaking view over Valletta.

The Fortina Terrace Restaurant, Tigne Seafront, Sliema

Photo: Magnus Glans

Pastizzi –traditional warm puff pastry filled with either warm ricotta cheese 'tal-irkotta' or mushy peas 'tal-piżelli'.  Cheap, delicious and addictive.  Preferably served with a cold glass of Kinnie, Malta's own bitter sweet soft drink.  
Try one: outside the Vilhena Gate, the gate to Mdina 

Text: Sofia Zetterman

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