Gluten freei och organic Gelato (ice-cream) on Fonte Della Salute, Rome
Gluten freei och organic Gelato (ice-cream) on Fonte Della Salute, Rome

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Eat gluten free in Italy

At first glance, Italy may seem like a nightmare for someone suffering from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, but the land of pizza, pane and pasta is remarkably clued up when it comes to catering for those with special diets.

Here are some of Rome’s top spots with gluten-free options*.

Gluten free pasta in Rome

Il Viaggio states that “good cuisine doesn’t have to be a distant memory for those who suffer from gluten intolerance”. The restaurant offers two identical menus, with or without gluten, including Roman favourites such as pasta carbonara and tiramisu, and even uses separate utensils when preparing gluten-free meals.

Il Viaggio

Via Isonzo, 14, Rome

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Gluten free pizza in Rome

While Voglia di Pizza is most famous for its delicious gluten-free Roman pizza, it also offers a complete gluten-free menu, including starters, pasta dishes, desserts and five kinds of beer.

Voglia di Pizza

Via dei Giubbonari, 33, Rome

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Gluten free pane in Rome

As the name suggests, Sans de Blé has mastered the art of preparing food without flour. This charming little bakery and pastry shop offers customers all sorts of gluten-free pastries to go with their morning cappuccino.

Sans de Blé

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58, Rome

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Gelato, gluten free, organic, vegan or lactoce free ice cream

All the gelato and cones at La Fonte della Salute in Trastevere are organic and most are also gluten free. The sorbets are vegan and lactose free. Truly a fountain of health.

La Fonte della Salute

Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 2, Rome

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*It’s always best to double check with the kitchen before ordering. Tip: Print out an Italian Gluten Free Restaurant Card, which can easily be found online.

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