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The owner of Frøken Dianas salonger, Elise Dingstad, chooses all the dresses, jewelry, and hats herself for her colorful boutique in Markveien. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen
The owner of Frøken Dianas salonger, Elise Dingstad, chooses all the dresses, jewelry, and hats herself for her colorful boutique in Markveien. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

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Gründerløkka – Home of entrepreneurs

Grünerløkka, the Oslo neighborhood that used to be rife with poverty and destitution, has over the last 20 years become the most innovative district in Oslo. Take streetcar 11, 12, or 13 from the city center and hop off at Olaf Ryes plass. You will find all these cool places are just a short walk away.

Attempts were made to clear the old worker’s district of Grünerløkka on the east side of the Akerselva river before the First World War. The area used to be rife with poverty and destitution, but over the last twenty years, Grünerløkka has become the most innovative district in Oslo. Today the area is often known as Gründerløkka (entrepreneurs’ district). 

Frøken Dianas salonger

A fantastically furnished vintage boutique. Here you will find carefully chosen clothing and jewelry, along with some new fifties-style ranges. “Women used to draw in their waists in the 1950s, and authentic dresses from this period are often small. So we offer fifties-style clothing in all sizes,” says owner Elise Dingstad.

Markveien 56

Hicham Boudden and Nikolai Hamre enjoy a coffee at Tim Wendelboe in Grünerløkka. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Tim Wendelboe

Who would have thought that Norway, a country where filter coffee reigns, would produce the world’s best barista? Tim Wendelboe won the World Barista Championship in 2004 and now runs a roastery and coffee bar in Grünerløkka. He also sells his own brand of coffee. Try one of their coffee tastings, called cuppings, held every Saturday.

Grüners gate 1

The owner of the Fransk bazar antiques shop makes beds from old vaulting horses from gyms. “In Paris they are popular as restaurant seats,” says owner Didier Descarpentries. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Fransk bazar

Frenchman Didier Descarpentries and Norwegian Nina Banggren opened their charming antiques store in 2014. Aside from selling glassware and trinkets from France, Descarpentries also reworks old furniture and restores old French industrial lamps, which he then sells.

Grüners gate 5

The Nighthawk Diner not only looks great, it also serves real food: coarse burgers and high-calorie milkshakes. Not a latte in sight – no diner would ever serve one of those!  Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen Nighthawk Diner

Hankering for a real burger made from coarsely ground meat, with beans and fantastic fries? And a good old-fashioned milkshake with a cherry on top? Or pancakes and a straight coffee? Then the Nighthawk Diner is the place for you! The restaurant is set up throughout as an old-style American diner. Even the staff look like they’ve come straight out of a 1950s American movie. 

Seilduksgata 15 (entrance on Thorvald Meyers gate)


Showroom and boutique for a network of around 25 Norwegian designers. Here you can buy underwear made from wool, cotton, silk, and linen from Vera & William (http://verawilliam.no), perfect for the Norwegian winter, as well as stylish purses from Ebeth (https://ebeth.no). Top off your look with a hat from Åse Strand (http://www.modist.net), one of only a few Norwegian milliners. If you have kids, you should check out Kattnakken’s (www.kattnakken.no) functional outdoor wear for children, designed for the terrible, wet Scandinavian weather.

Nordregate 20

At Shoe Lounge you will find everything you need for walking around Grünerløkka: Boots, heels, and sneakers.  Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen Shoe Lounge

All the girls in Grünerløkka have at least five pairs of shoes from the little boutique called Shoe Lounge. Choose from a wide range of sneakers and hard-wearing high heel shoes that are perfect for attending a concert or having a drink in a local bar. Shoe Lounge is perhaps the only shoe store in Norway that is open on Sundays.

Thorvald Meyers gate 42


Concert venue with a long and noble history. A movie theater was built here in 1907, grandly named “Kristiania Bryggeri Grünerløkkens Kinematograf”. The building was designed by Frithjof Aslesen and has been used as both a theater and a movie theater. In 2002 it was taken over by new owners who restored the building to its former glory. They were rewarded for their efforts with an “Olavsrosa” heritage award and the building is now considered an urban cultural heritage site.

Olaf Ryes plass 1

Grunerløkka brygghus

Gastropub with its own brewery, right in the heart of the old industrial area at the very top of Grünerløkka. Here you can order bangers & mash, fish & chips, and coarse sausages by sausage-maker Strøm Larsen at Torshov. Jan Vardøen is one of the owners and this is where they make the beer for many of his other bars.

Københavngata 2


Grünerløkka is lucky enough to have three parks: little Olaf Ryes plass, Birkelunden, and Sofienbergparken. At Birkelunden there is a second-hand market every Sunday in spring and summer. When the weather warms up in Oslo, practically half the city comes to Birkelunden to sunbathe, throw around a frisbee, practise tightrope walking, have a BBQ, and drink beer.

Text: Inga Ranghild Holst

Find all the spots in Grünerløkka on this interactive map: Open map in full screen: 

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