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Flipping Burger - the big breakthrough för burgers in Stockholm.
Flipping Burger - the big breakthrough för burgers in Stockholm.

Photo: Björn Terring

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How the burger boom reached Stockholm

Over the past few years, Stockholm has been swamped with burger restaurants. But how did it all begin and why? Burger consultants Burgerdudes explain and forecast what lies ahead for burgers.

In 2012, something happened in Stockholm. Seemingly on almost every corner, restaurants sprang up with one specific dish on the menu: burgers.Linus Josephson, Burgerdudes
“The burger boom kicked off when Flippin’ Burgers opened its first restaurant. That was when Stockholm finally had its eyes opened to burgers. At that time, we were actually five years behind other burger cities such as London and New York,” says Linus Josephson.

He's a burger consultant and one of the five burger reviewers at burgerdudes.se.

“Before Flippin’ Burgers, pretty much only street stalls and fast food chains sold burgers. So, when Flippin’ arrived with its home baked buns and freshly ground meat, people queued for up to two hours to get a burger.”

Following the success of Flippin’ Burgers, the choice of burger restaurants in Stockholm has absolutely mushroomed. Josephson believes that the reason why burgers have proved so popular is due to several different factors:

“Burgers are congenial and were a good fit for Stockholm just then as street food had become quite trendy. Plus, burgers are so easy to like as they are assembled in so many different ways, from fast food to fine dining. They can be simple without any complicated ingredients or exclusive and as awesome as you could possibly ask for. Which means everyone can get what they like.”

Stockholm, like the Burgerdudes, appears to never have enough of burgers. When the gang organized the third Stockholm Burger Festival, 6,000 eager visitors flocked to Smålandstorget in Stockholm. The lines started forming 90 minutes before the festival opened and all 7,000 burgers on offer were eaten.

“I think we are about to see the second stage of the burger boom,” says Josephson who adds:

“Premium chains are starting to expand and open outlets all round the country, not just in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This is a trend we’ve already seen in the US and London, that good chains also start finding their way to towns that are not huge. Bastard Burgers have outlets in Karlstad, Sundsvall and Uppsala. Jureskogs and Bores Gatukök are two other companies that will have a big say in the future. This is the boom we ourselves have been waiting for.”

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