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Minta’s guide to edible souvenirs from Warsaw

Food writer, author and blogger Malgosia Minta knows what’s happening in gastronomy and food trends in Poland. She also knows which of Warsaw’s delicacies will bring happiness to Scandinavia as edible souvenirs. Here are her tips for what you should take home.

Coffee from Polish micro roasters:

“Scandinavians love their coffee, so I would take home some quality coffee from one of the many Polish micro roasters. Try Java Coffee, Kofi Brand, Coffee Proficiency, Audun, Coffee Lab or Czarny Deszcz.”

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Bread from Cala w Mace

“If you’re here on a Wednesday, take a trip over to the Forteca Kregliccy Targ organic market and buy bread and pastries from Monika’s micro bakery Cala w Mace.”

Forteca Kregliccy Targ

Zakroczymska 12

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Open Wednesday 8 am - 3 pm.

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Polish wine

“Take some Polish wine home! I wouldn’t have said that 5 years ago, but now I would do it at the drop of a hat. And it’s not just me being patriotic. The vast array of Polish wine includes natural wine, ice wine, biodynamic wine and conventional wine. Try wines from producers should as Dom Bliskowice Winnica and Winnica Wieliczka.”

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Polish craft beer

“Craft beers are popular in Warsaw, and the city is full of bars and breweries. Take a taste voyage of discovery with beers from places such as PiwPaw, Hoppiness Beer and Food, Kufle i Kapsle, Muranow Craft Beer, Artezan and Same Krafty, and take bottles of the ones you like best home with you.”

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Buckwheat honey

“Buckwheat honey is a particular delicacy. It’s so dark that it looks almost like Nutella, and is packed full of intense flavor. It’s an everyday grocery in Poland and is even available in supermarkets.”

Nice for the plane

“Before flying, I like to visit the Lukullus bakery on Chmielna and buy something delicious for the trip. I highly recommend their Cookies for Adults (Ciastko dla Doroslych), which have a crunchy, butter-baked bottom, homemade dulce de leche, prunes with rum and bitter, dark chocolate. They’re also the perfect gift.”


Chmielna 32, Warszawa

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“Traditional Polish alcohol made by steeping vodka with things such as plums, gooseberries, red currants, blackcurrants, honey or rhubarb. It’s strong, with an ABV content of 40% or more, but is often sweeter and less harsh on the stomach than other types of alcohol of the same strength. It can be bought at the airport, wherever you can purchase Polish delicacies.”

Buns filled with wild blueberries

“If you’re here in the summer, jagodzianki, light, airy buns filled with wild blueberries, are an absolute must. The best are available from the Hala Mirowska market hall.”

Hala Mirowska

Plac Mirowski 1, Warszawa

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