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“Muy bueno” – Mexican food at its best

Nikola Adamovic, founder of the popular El Taco Truck, sure knows his tacos! Here he introduces us to some of his Mexican favorites around the world.

El Taco Truck serves Mexican street food in Stockholm and gives you the boost you need to walk those extra few blocks. Nikola Adamovic wanted to share his love of Mexican food, so he and his friend Bolle opened their food truck. After enjoying hundreds of perfectly prepared tacos during his time in the US, Nikola knows what makes a good taco.

Here are some of Nikola’s hot tips for where to get a great taco:

Maria’s, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Genuine, authentic Mexican food in a Southwestern style, served in a dingy atmosphere that’s right out of a Spaghetti Western. Established in 1952 and an institution in Santa Fe. You’re just waiting for a Mexican standoff between two tough gringos who have had one too many of Maria’s world-famous margaritas.


555 West Cordova Road, New Mexico

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Photo: Tacombi

Tacombi, New York, USA

A fashionable joint that serves tacos from a converted VW bus. It began life in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, but eventually made its way to cold but trendy New York, where it was received with open arms. Home-made, authentic Mexican tacos delivered fast-food-style.


267 Elizabeth Street, New York

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Photo: Nikola Adamovic

Mercado, Los Angeles, USA

A pretty large restaurant with a pre-party atmosphere. Here Mexicans mingle with Hollywood stars before heading off for a night of adventure. The drinks are not for the faint-hearted – the Jalapeño Margarita will blow your socks off. Serves modern tacos with a culinary twist in exciting combinations you wouldn’t expect, providing a treat for the taste buds.


7910 West Third Street, Los Angeles

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Photo: Nikola Adamovic

Antojitos, La Chiapaneca, Tulum, Mexico

Avoid the tourist traps on Avenida Tulum and head instead to the place where the locals go. This is a real shack with no windows or doors, but you don’t get much more authentic than that. Here you can eat incredible tacos for 1 dollar a piece, served to you by burly Mexicans.


La Chiapaneca, Tulum, Mexiko

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Puta Madre, Gothenburg, Sweden

We mustn’t forget Sweden’s coolest Mexicans, who are in Gothenburg of course! A dingy, velvet-lined homage to the bordello, serving self-assured, exciting Mexican food. They clearly dare to have fun in the kitchen, mixing classics with unexpected new fusions. Lots of fish and shellfish!

Puta Madre

Magasingatan 3, Göteborg

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