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There are numerous hole-in-the-wall places in Oslo courtyards and side streets that serve delicious food and full-blooded drinks. Here are a few places that will put a smile on your face.


Cartoonist Christopher Nielsen, brother of the late musician Joachim Nielsen (more famous as Jokke from the band Jokke og Valentinerne) opened Misfornøyelsesbar on Storgata in 2017. He has described the location as a walk in artwork, according to Norwegian daily Aftenposten – and that's a pretty perfect description. Here, you can wander through Nielsen’s cartoon universe. Neat and well-groomed it very much isn't. But there’s plenty of beer and wine.


Storgata 36 j, 0182 Oslo

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A drink and a kilo of sausages, please.

Perhaps no longer a best kept secret since listings magazine Natt og Dag nominated Bar Lardo as the place to eat a couple of years ago. Here, it's mostly about ham and natural wine. You can also buy meat products from Indre Oslo matforedling to take home, too.

Bar Lardo

Møllergata 38 a, 0172 Oslo

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The word Izakaya is made up of the words I, the verb to be, and sakaya, which means sake-bar, and, as the name suggests, it’s an informal bar. And Izakaya, right next to St. Olavs-plass, is definitely informal. The place is firstly almost impossible to find as the door is utterly nondescript. And they open at five pm. That’s the time you should arrive, if you wait till seven, you’ll probably have to squeeze between three stools at the bar and wait your turn, as they don't bother with table reservations here. When it's time to order, you can choose between cocktails, sake, beer and Korean and Japanese small dishes.


St. Olavs Gate 7, 0165 Oslo

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Wine bar in Kvadraturen

Like all the other streets in the Kradraturen neighborhood in the center of Oslo, Prinsens gate is really coming up in the world. New stores, cafes and other places worth visiting are popping up every day here. And Einbar has opened right here down in a cellar. They organize private wine tastings and you can enjoy small dishes such as asparagus and beef tartare.


Prinsens gate 18, 0152 Oslo

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Table for two – but room for everyone

Bar Robinet is the size of a closet and only has two tables. They do brilliant drinks here plus a menu that changes with the wind. However, the bartender will mix anything you ask for.

Bar Robinet

Mariboes gate 7, 0183 Oslo

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Bare jazz

It’s a bit unfair to call Bare jazz a hole in the wall. Because it's pretty spacious. But it's not that easy to find, located along Grensen in the center of Oslo. You have to enter via the courtyard, then into the record store that only stocks jazz and up the stairs to find a table. Even so, they manage to get musicians in the bar. In summer, sitting in the courtyard catching the muffled sound of the passing streetcars along Grensen is idyllic. The perfect venue for a first date.

Bare jazz

Grensen 8, 0159 Oslo

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