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Ramen in Oslo

The rise and rise of ramen means it's time to take these noodles in pork or chicken broth seriously. Here’s a few great places to enjoy this Japanese dish in Oslo.

All round the world, people can't get enough of ramen or Japanese noodle broth, today. It's simply delicious. The broth can be made from pork bones and served with a pork topping. Or you can get it with miso and bean sprouts, topped with chicken, fish or vegetables, perhaps. The first dedicated ramen bar opened in Oslo in 2016 and just two years later, a second ramen location, Koie, was named restaurant of the year by Oslo listings magazine Natt & Dag. Ramen is unpretentious, filling and tasty comfort food, perfect on a weekday or maybe after a hectic night on the town.

Here are a few places where you can eat ramen in Oslo right now:

Sappora ramenbar

This was possibly Oslo’s first ramen place and as the name indicates, the chef comes from Sapporo in Japan. They prepare three types of ramen: one based on shoyu sauce, one on miso and one spiced. You can also order gyoza and kimchi.

Mathallen, Sapporo ramenbar

Maridalsveien 17, 0175 Oslo

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Koie Ramen

When this ramen restaurant opened on a side street between Torggata and Trondheimsveien in the center of Oslo, it quickly became rammed. Here you can enjoy ramen based on the type of broth you like best. They also have a vegetarian alternative. To accompany your meal, you can choose from a specially selected beer, a couple of red and white wines, cider and naturally, sake. And round off your meal with matcha ice cream.

Koie Ramen

Osterhaus gate 13, 0183 Oslo

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Koie is now opening a new branch at Operagata 39 in the trendy Barcode district.

Ezo Ramen

If you're in Grünerløkka and want a quick bowl of ramen for a reasonable price, head to Ezo, the sister restaurant of Sapporo ramenbar. Here, you can choose from several types, shoyu, zangi and filling tonkotsu with pork ribs. There's also a delicious vegetarian ramen with miso and vegetable broth on the menu.

Ezo ramen

Nordre gate 20, 0551 Oslo

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Ramen på hønsebouillon hos Hrímnir. Foto: Anne Valeur

Hrímnir Ramen

It goes without saying that you can enjoy a quick bowl of ramen at this small neighborhood restaurant. But while you're waiting for your ramen, you should definitely try some of the small dishes here that Oslo food reviewers praise to the skies. Hrímir Ramen uses both Nordic and Japanese techniques, such as smoking and fermenting. They also take their social and environment responsibility seriously when sourcing their ingredients.

Hrímir Ramen

Maridalsveien 9A, 0178 Oslo

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