Photo: Khaled Kassem / Alamy Stock Photo
Photo: Khaled Kassem / Alamy Stock Photo

Say konnichiwa to the okonomiyaki

The savory okonomiyaki pancake is one of Japan’s most popular comfort foods and it’s now starting to find its way to restaurants across the world.

The word okonomiyaki comes from okonomi, which means more or less “what you like” and yaki, which means “grilled” or ­“heated.” The what-you-like part means that you can order your okonomiyaki with whatever ­fillings you fancy, just like a pizza or crepe. 

Some of the most popular fillings in Japan include seafood, meat and vegetables, most often cabbage. And the crispy, fluffy pancake is usually topped with a special sweet barbeque sauce. 

Okonomiyaki can be found in many places in Japan including small shops and street food stalls. And this tasty dish has ­become so popular that it can now be found in many cities around the world.

Three more Japanese pancake joints:

Bar Goto, New York

Bar Goto serves both craft cocktails and ­Japanese comfort food such as the classic Hiroshima-­style okonomiyaki, which is griddled with a layer of yakisoba noodles in the batter.

245 Eldridge Street, New York

Okan, London

The owner of the Okan Japanese restaurant started selling okonomiyaki at a street food stall in Brick Lane. At his restaurant, guests can order the Japanese ­pancake with a wide ­variety of toppings including pork belly, ­kimchi and tofu. 

Unit 39, Brixton Village, London

MamaWolf, Stockholm

The menu at MamaWolf contains the nutritional facts of each dish. They describe the okonomiyaki as a very well-balanced and healthy fast-food dish. You can even order a low-carb okonomiyaki here. 

Timmermansgatan 15, Stockholm

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