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Las Canteras. Photo: Binge Eliasson/Be inspired travel
Las Canteras. Photo: Binge Eliasson/Be inspired travel

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Finnish architect duo's guide to the Canary Islands

Finnish architect and designer duo Sirkku Hölttä and Mikael Westermark live in Las Palmas and here they share their best tips on the Canary Islands.

Canary Beaches

Las Canteras

Las Canteras is our favorite beach, not just because we live in Las Palmas but also because it’s so interesting. After a bit of sunbathing, I usually run a bit along the water’s edge, then go swimming and diving with my snorkel at the reef close to the beach. The northern section of the beach has showers, so you can clean up and get ready to head to your favorite bar or restaurant.


El Cabrón

El Cabrón is a nice hidden and sheltered lagoon beach, which is also famous for diving. I usually go there for a dive when it’s cloudy in Las Palmas. You can find it 1km north of Playa de Arinaga.


Roque Nublo. Photo: Binge Eliasson/Be inspired travel

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo looks great from a distance, and the views from the majestic hilltop are just marvelous. It’s a 30- to 45-minute hike each way, and is definitely the hike to do if you only have time for one.

Cruce de Tejeda

Cruz de Tejeda – Artenara is a four-hour hike through a lovely pine forest with absolutely the best views. The start and finish can be reached by bus. Eat in the cave bar in Artenara and try the traditional estofado de carne con papas arrugadas (beef stew with boiled potatoes).

Eateries and bars on the Canary Islands

Vegueta. Photo: Binge Eliasson/Be inspired travel

Ruta de los Pinchos

The streets between the cathedral and the market hall in Vegueta transform into a public living room with lots of bars on Thursday nights, during the event known as Ruta de los Pinchos. Among the bars, the best snacks are served at Tasca 7 Viejas, La Otilla (wine bar), Te lo dije Pérez, and La Barberia (famous for its mojitos).

El Palillos

El Palillos bar, on Tavieso Street in the Triana district, has started to host live music – rock and blues from the 1950s. You can sit and have a drink, but you don’t actually have to buy anything.

C/Travieso, nº 8, Las Palmas

Qué Leche

Qué Leche in the Triana district is a new fusion restaurant that is extremely popular among the locals. The charming chefs and owners – she’s from Venezuela and he’s from Las Palmas – worked in San Sebastian for many years and also at Celler Can Roca, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Girona. Reservations are essential.

Calle Torres 22, Las Palmas

Antico Caffé

Antico Caffé, a great place for homemade Italian ice cream and a cup of coffee. They also have tarts, with the cone-shaped one being particularly famous.

Calle Obispo Codina, 5, Las Palmas

Ô Soleil

Ô Soleil at the Plaza de Santa Ana in Vegueta has exquisite food and desserts to die for. The owner who works there comes from France. Their dishes are beautifully made – try their divine chocolate and apple dessert.

Plaza de Santa Ana, Las Palmas

Finnish architect and designer duo Sirkku Hölttä and Mikael Westermark

Sightseeing on the Canary Islands

Cheese farms

The cheese farms in the mountains are well worth visiting. The ones I’ve found are in the island’s interior, and they prefer to sell whole, large cheeses weighing several kilos. But cheese can also be found in smaller packages in some shops and along the busier mountain roads, where people have small stands. You can also find smaller cheese bits at the Sunday market in Vegueta.



Text: Elisabet Garcia Dahlbäck/Be inspired travel


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