Lars, Lars & Lars - a celebration to Scandinavia in Poznan.
Lars, Lars & Lars - a celebration to Scandinavia in Poznan.

Photo: Lise Hannibal

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Six places to explore new food trends in Poznan

There’s good news on the Poznan restaurant scene – for coffee lovers, vegans, gourmets – and Scandinavians.

Traditional Polish fare of meat, cabbage and potatoes has long been joined by world cuisine and the trends it brings. Global Asian hits such as tom kha, kimchi ramen and sushi are widely available in Poznan, while new Polish cuisine focuses on local seasonal products and new ways of preparing them – just like new Nordic. Good places for vegans to eat are popping up everywhere and gluten-free options are appearing on menus. And here and there Scandinavian-inspired cafés are peeping out on the street scene, easily spotted by their love of the letters ÆØÅ. We’ve uncovered six great places to eat and drink in Poznan.


Japanese noodle soup containing egg, meat and vegetables is still very popular, and little ramen joint Yetztu was the first to open in Poland in 2013. It’s far from the only one today, but it’s still one of the very best – and most popular. Yetztu serves its soup in a meat or vegetarian version and is always packed.


Ul. Boleslawa Krzysiewicza 6, Poznan

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Photo: Wypas

Wypas – vegan hit

Veganism has also arrived in Poznan and the best place to eat food free from meat, milk and eggs is at Wypas in the up-and-coming Jezyce district. Here, they serve ramen, sushi, curries and other tasty dishes, bristling with fresh, beautiful and exotic ingredients, inspired by Asia and the Middle East in particular. This cozy little basement restaurant is always popular and the man-size portions and great flavors also leave non-vegans feeling happy and well fed.


Jackowskiego 38, Poznan

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Osla Lawka – new Polish gourmet

The best place to explore new Polish cuisine! Young chef Krzysztof Lapawa and his “donkey bench” have taken the local restaurant scene by storm, despite the fact that the name refers to the place where naughty children were sat at school. The school theme is echoed in the interior, which is peppered with abacuses, blackboards, a biology torso and chemical flasks for water. The unconventional approach also influences Lapawa’s interpretations of Polish cuisine, where typical ingredients such as duck, lard, cabbage and buckwheat are combined in new and delicious ways and in hearty portions – at a perfectly reasonable price.

Osla Lawka

Ul. Stanislawa Taczaka 23, Poznan

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Scandinavian feeling at 3xLars. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Lars, Lars & Lars

In a part of town you wouldn’t otherwise hear much about, city life has been revitalized around Stare Koszary, an old military installation that has been given a proper overhaul and is now home to a microbrewery, a luxury hotel and several great restaurants. One of them is bistro-pub Lars, Lars & Lars, a tribute to Scandinavia that serves classics such as rye bread, cinnamon rolls and sticky cake. The vast majority of the cuisine is of a more international nature, though, and is very well prepared, while the service is sweet and attentive. Recommended by us – and by Gault & Millau 2018.

Lars, Lars & Lars

Ul. Wojskowa 4, Poznan

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Stragan - cool coffee

Stragan is a trendy coffee shop with attitude, which reaches out and grabs you through its glass façade. Several competitive baristas work here and besides their hallmark – well-brewed coffee in various modern ways – they serve eggs, burgers, salads and cakes. The clientele is young and hip, and free high-speed WiFi makes it a great place to sit with your computer for a while.


Ratajczaka 31, Poznan

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Ul. Zydowska, behind the old market square, has become home to a handful of great little places lately. One of them is coffee & cake/breakfast spot Bardzo, which serves a legendary breakfast sandwich of egg, bacon and avocado, with perfectly brewed coffee and tea, as well as top-quality homemade cakes. Friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere and the ideal conditions for those who need their caffeine fix as they put the finishing touches to their work. Patio in summer.


Zydowska 29, Poznan

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