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Tantens Bageri – Straight from Grandma’s kitchen

Natural and locally produced, the biscuits we serve onboard will take you back to your childhood, when freshly-baked cookies were one of the great delights in life.

On the edge of Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, is the small town of Lidköping, and it’s there that Tantens Bageri is creating exclusive packages of three different kinds of traditional cookies for SAS. 

Family-owned Tantens Bageri follows the same family recipes that it’s been using for generations to create its old-fashioned cookies. The recipes are Grandma Edith’s, who grew up in Sweden in the early 1900s and was known for her legendary baking skills. 

Today, the cookies are still hand rolled and hand cut, using only fresh butter and locally-­produced flour, and never any additives or preservatives. Using traditional methods produces a superior taste and texture and the cookies – Kolasnitt, Choklad­snitt and Bondkaka – take you back to the days when Grandma was in the kitchen baking treats for friends and family. 

Tantens Bageri Biscuits are part of the new snacks and beverage concept and reflect SAS’ commitment to offering locally-­produced and superior food and beverages to travelers. We hope you enjoy your present with this taste of the past. 

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