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The coolest ice cream in Copenhagen

Ice, ice baby! The ice cream season is now finally upon us, and there is no reason to be befuddled by the masses of different flavors on offer. We have tasted our way through the city and found some of the best, freshly-made ice creams that have the spirit of summer.

Exciting ice cream with an excellent flavor

At Istid, Nina and Anniken make ice cream in record time using liquid nitrogen and fuming mixers. But if you think that this way of making ice cream is just an interesting physics gimmick, then think again. This ice cream is made using organic ingredients and tastes simply divine. 

Jægersborggade 13

Siciliansk is. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Siciliansk Ice Cream

David Ciccia inherited his ice cream recipes from his cousin Umberto, who lives on Sicily. Umberto knows his ice cream, and so does David. His Copenhagen version is made from fresh, organic ingredients, as well as Sicilian specialities such as pistacho nuts, lemons, almonds and hazelnuts. It is just as delicious as gelato and sorbet.

Bonus: You can choose three different flavors per tub or waffle, irrespective of the size.

Skydebanegade 3,  Christianshavns Kanal 2 og Rantzausgade 56

Østerberg Ice Cream

Award-winning Cathrine Østerberg is simply an ice cream master. She has written a thesis for one of the foremost ice cream researchers in the world and spent several years developing her exquisite recipes, including cool classics such as chocolate and strawberry, as well as completely new flavors such as taramind, aloe vera/pomegranate or kombucha sorbet.  

Bonus: fantastic home-baked waffles

Rosenvængets Allé 7, Østerbro

 Photo: Olufs/Thomas-a.com

Olufs Is

Olufs’ fantastic popsicles are made fresh every day using organic milk, stawberry, rhubarb, lemon hibiscus, blackcurrent, chocolate and othe delivious ingredients. They are dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts, almonds, coconut and flowers, creating a true explosion of color and taste. The ice cream of the day always provides a surprise at Olufs.  How about a white chocolate gelato dipped in strawberry chocolate or a liquorice gelate with white chocolate and sea salt? 

Bonus: New flavor every day, posted on Facebook.

Olufsvej 6, Østerbro

Bryggen 11

Islands Brygge is one of this summer’s hottest hang-outs, and when you want to eat ice cream, Bryggen 11 is a favorite destination. Homemade gelato with classic flavors such as chocolate and strawberry, as well as creative delicacies such as basil ice cream and white chocolate are combined with blue birch and lemon. The ice cream is served in generous scoops and, in a new innovation, as fresh popsicles. 

Bonus: The best raspberry sorbet in the city

Islands Brygge 11.

Frederiksberg ChokoladeIce Cream from Frederiksberg Chokolade. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Enjoy the Parisian atmosphere of Frederiksberg Allé with a homemade organic milk ice cream containing med lots of fresh fruit and chocolate produced on the premises. The range of flavors available changes, but the repertoire currently includes 45 different types.  Amongst our favorites are Amarena cherry, white chocolate ice cream with liquorice and lemon, and the House ice cream with crushed, filled chocolates. 

Bonus: You can have you ice cream waffle dipped in melted chocolate at no extra charge.

Frederiksberg allé 64


Paradis introduced Copenhageners to fresh, Italian-quality ice cream when it opened its first shop on Købemagergade in 2003. Since then, things have taken off rapidly and Paradis now has 50 shops throughout Denmark. Although Paradis is popular, its quality is consistent. Really good range of ice cream, extending from fresh sorbets and skyr ices, to heady treats with fudge, brownies and marshmallows.

Bonus: you can always try before you buy.


Text: Lise Hannibal

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