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The Nordics gain new Michelin stars

Copenhagen’s Noma regains its stars, Stockholm’s Gastrologik is rewarded with its second star, and Trondheim makes a name for itself at Michelin's 2019 gala.

Gastrologik's Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Holmström.

Last night, the Michelin gala took place in Aarhus, Denmark and handed out prestigious stars and awards to several new Nordic restaurants, including a new sustainability award. These stars are highly coveted and difficult to attain, a real feat to achieve in the industry.

In Copenhagen, three stars were awarded at this year’s Nordic edition of the Michelin Guide. The city added yet another Michelin-starred restaurant to its list last night, when restaurant Alouette earned its first star. Noma, one of the city’s most well-known restaurants, was re-awarded with two stars. This comes almost one year, to the day, after Noma opened its doors at its new address. Denmark boasts a total of 33 stars.

Stockholm’s pub Gastrologik earned its second star. Gastrologik focuses on Swedish raw materials and works in close collaboration with farmers, growers, breeders, fishermen, and hunters, which contributes largely to their creativity.

After the gala, Jacob Holmström, chef at Gastrologik together with Anton Bjuhr, told Aftonbladet, "It feels a little unreal, and is a relief. There’s been so much anticipation. You can compare it a bit with sports games – you move up to the next league, which is awesome.”

Gastrologik's cauliflower mushroom with egg yolk and resin vinaigrette

Restaurant Frantzén kept its three stars from last year and restaurants that kept their two stars in Sweden were Vollmers in Malmö, Fäviken Magazine in Järpen, Daniel Berlin in Skåne-Tranås, and Oaxen Krog in Stockholm.  

Michelin’s Sustainability Award was given to Credo Restaurant in Trondheim, Norway. Heidi Bjerkan, Credo’s chef simultaneously became the first female Norwegian chef to receive a star. “I get a heart attack when I talk about it,” Bjerkan tells Dagbladet.

Trondheim’s restaurant, Fagn, also went home with its first Michelin star. Fagn’s philosophy is built around its name, which means “to embrace, to receive with joy.” Its atmosphere is intimate and the flavorful dishes are inspired by childhood memories. Fagn’s founder, Jonas Nåvik, dried his tears after leaving the stage, saying, “For me, this is teamwork. We’re a family who opened a restaurant. My wife has been so supportive.”

Another of Michelin’s new awards was given to Poul Andrias Ziska for Best Young Chef at KOKS, located on the Faroe Islands. What sets Ziska’s cooking apart at KOKS is his uncompromisingly Faroese flavors that focus on combining modern and ancient techniques; exploring age-old practices of drying, fermenting, salting and smoking, and transforming them into new delicacies.

Restaurant KOKS on the Faroe Islands.

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