Get the party started – House of Scandinavia goes live

An exclusive live performance by Swedish artist Paul Rey helped get the party off to a fine start after SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson declared this year’s House of Scandinavia officially open.

Paul Rey had already wowed travelers by previewing his new single “good for Me” live at 10,000m on the flight over from Copenhagen to Austin the previous day, so it made sense that he should be on hand to get the party starting at the official opening of the house of Scandinavia. 

Rey was enthusiastically received by the large crowd at the pop-up venue which will not only provide the best meeting place in town for visitors to the festival but also a one-off, zero-waste restaurant run by three of the top chefs in Scandinavia and a platform for discussions, panels and presentations on what makes the region tick in its own special way. 

The point was alluded to in the opening speech by SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson. For the second year running, he underlined the creative vibe of the event and what it means both to Scandinavians and SAS. The theme of innovation and its importance to the aviation industry were covered in the speech, while the biggest cheer went up as he announced the introduction of carbon offsetting for all flights taken by EuroBonus members. 

Naturally, sustainability was a key topic throughout, as Gustafson underlined SAS’ commitment to look after the environment in the best way possible, with the purchase of the most environmentally-friendly aircraft, the decreased weight of the planes, the increased use of biofuel and the introduction of pre-booking meals onboard that will save on waste and unnecessary weight. 

Gustafson also used the opportunity to announce that SAS will export the House of Scandinavia concept to Tokyo next year for the Summer Olympics and then to Beijing for the next winter Olympics.   


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