House of Scandinavia – a perfect “lokal”

Food consultant Jonas Andersen has been instrumental in bringing together the various elements that make up the pop-up restaurant, Lokal, in the House of Scandinavia this year. Its name is just as well thought-out as the menu.

Visitors to the House of Scandinavia in Austin will be treated not only to great hospitality and entertainment, but the chance to sample fantastic Scandinavian food and a real exercise of sustainability in action. 

“The way we work is hyper local, with everything we do, from flying over as few ingredients as possible, to sourcing raw materials from close by and hiring staff is done in with “local” in mind constantly – hence the name,” says Andersen.

Calling the high-end pop-up restaurant Lokal makes perfect sense then. With top chef Paul Svensson, known from the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm at the helm in the kitchen, guests can be guaranteed an unforgettable nine-course treat every evening.

Running a pop-up restaurant poses certain unique challenges, not least sourcing raw materials and everything from furniture to cutlery, all of which in this case, will have a Scandinavian feel. With a long background in the food industry behind him, Andersen, who started the consultancy Food Studio last year, is relishing the idea. 

Meanwhile, the choice of venue for the House of Scandinavia has been a huge help too, as it actually houses a food court under normal circumstances, with several smalls stalls operating on a daily basis. The people behind these outlets have been key to the setting up of Lokal. 

“We specialize in offering foodies high class cooking classes with some of the best head chefs in Denmark, as well as running individual events. Companies come to us because they want to use food as a platform for telling stories. In this instance, the message SAS is looking to convey is all about sustainability, which fits in perfectly with how we like to work,” he says. 

“It was vital that these vendors would feel part of the House of Scandinavia concept” says Andersen. “They’ll help us with some of their staff, and also with sourcing of raw materials for the restaurant. They have shown real enthusiasm for the project and generally, it’s been a great process.”


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