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SAS flies directly from Scandinavia to Austin, Texas with CO2-compensated tickets.

For 2019, travelers can go to SXSW by flying direct from Scandinavia to Austin. Hop on a plane full of likeminded people and fly straight out of Copenhagen on March 6, with smooth connecting flights from Sweden and Norway. Once in Austin, ease into things with a full day of preparation and networking, before SXSW 2019 kicks off. Unsure of what to see and do? We’ll get you sorted. The direct return flight is on March 12, after SXSW Interactive has concluded.

Building on the success of 2018, House of Scandinavia will once again be the hub for all Scandinavians, at a new location in downtown Austin. Here, SAS and partners will help you make the most of everything, with parties, events, daily recaps as well as space for social gatherings, work and meetings. As your “home away from home”, House of Scandinavia will offer New Nordic Cuisine, Scandinavian breakfast and Nordic roast coffee.

Book your flights on sas.no, sas.se or sas.dk. For group bookings or package requests e-mail [email protected]

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