The Program

”We are currently organizing the program and inviting amazing guests, speakers and partners to participate in House of Scandinava 2020. In the meantime you can see last year's program for inspiration below.”

10:30 Ease Into SXSW
Please note that this event will take place at Capital Factory, Adress: 701 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701

By NoA and SAS

19:00 Opening Party House of Scandinavia

7.30 Morning Run 
Want to get a fresh start to SXSW? Then meet up at House of Scandinavia for a morning run led by experienced Austin runners.
Thanks to Under Armour you can also try UA HOVR Infinite. Zero gravity feel + energy return + data tracking = #UAHOVR Infinite
If you would like to try these great running shoes then meet up a few minutes early to get ready in time. 

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

09:00-10:00 All inclusive electric mobility - the Nordic way
The Nordics have the most dense electrical mobility in the world. What are the incentives, how do they work, and how do the car industry react? Meet representatives from the tech sector, the City of Oslo, the Swedish car industry and the City of Austin.
By ICT Norway and Atea

13:00-14:30 The Stockholm Talks: Building gender-balanced unicorns
Organized by Invest Stockholm and Visit Stockholm, in partnership with Embassy of Sweden, Washington, D.C, and the support of Swedish Institute

16.00-16.30 Innovation imagined by travelers - SAS Labs presents Turi
SAS Labs is a digital unit that strives continuously to take travelers experience to the next level by experimenting with the latest technology innovation. We believe that innovation sparkles by continuous tests and experimentation, and we welcome you to meet SAS first conversation agent Turi for an exclusive pre-release. Turi is a true SXSW fan and will be able to assist you experience the very best of Austin.

18:00-19:00 Oslo Talks: Post Digital and Urban Development
What is a library's 'place' in the digital era?
Join the talk with Reinert Mithassel, the creative director of Biblo, the award-winning library and safe haven for children growing up in an area in Oslo affected by crime and poverty. He
will talk about the concept development and inclusion in a smart city context. The event is organized by Oslo Business Region.
By Oslo Business Region

19:00-21:00 Norwegian Social Mixer
You are invited to meet your Norwegian friends and other international C-level reps, entrepreneurs, investors, tech experts, media, creatives, community builders and beyond - in a laidback Austin atmosphere for some music, food and drinks.We hope you can join us for an informal and fun get-together! Limited space and sign up is essential. First come first served at the door.
By General Consulate, Abelia, Innovation Norway, ICT Norway, Oslo Business Region

19:00 Pop up restaurant

07. 30 Morning exercise
Want to get a fresh start to SXSW? Meet up at House of Scandinavia for a morning run led by experienced Austin runners. The run is at moderate speed for all levels. 

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Nordic Data goes South
Who can help us understand the flow, building on our existing open data, mapping it into something a human can understand, creating value for our citizens? We challenge you to come forward!
By Innovation Norway and partners

15:30 The North Alliance & SAS Round table "Sustainability and tech"
With the public debate on climate change intensifying as we approach a pivotal point in history to take action and make fundamental changes to our global society – we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, as far as sustainable solutions within tech goes. Every generation in history has had to deal with societal threats looming over its very existence, but perhaps no other threat has seemed as severely consequential to our planet’s survival, as that of climate change: A truth that finally seems to be getting the proper attention and recognition across societal stakeholders the world over. Hence, at this year’s SXSW, we expect to be introduced to various innovative tech solutions across sectors, that all have sustainability as a common point of departure.

17.00 World premiere - The first robot that helps humans preserve cultural identity
Digitalisation - and especially the Internet - is threatening our global cultural diversity. It’s enabling the proliferation and saturation of Western culture across the world. The moral decline of our post-truth world is now shared in real time to every corner of the world. People everywhere are shedding their local traditions and historical ways of life. Why? To all become the same.
World renowned photographic artist Jimmy Nelson is fighting back by turning the internet against itself. Nelson has spent the last 30 years traveling to the furthest corners of the globe to visually celebrate some of the last indigenous cultures left on planet earth. He is making it his never-ending life goal to stop the homogenization of culture by portraying indigenous people in all their ritualistic pride. And subsequently share this vision with a global audience. 
At SXSW House of Scandinavia a team of creatives and technologists, including J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam’s Bas Korsten, the creative lead behind The Next Rembrandt, invite you to see the world premiere of Jimmy Nelson’s answer to cultural homogenization. Followed by a panel discussion with a team of experts and open Q&A with the audience.
By Jimmy Nelson and Fotografiska

19:00 Pop up restaurant

07. 30 Morning exercise
Want to get a fresh start to SXSW? Meet up at House of Scandinavia for a morning run led by experienced Austin runners. The run is at moderate speed for all levels. 

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Nordic Cuisine goes Digital
In this session you will learn how Nordic farming is using technology to improve animal welfare, better food production and the future of tech in food - the Nordic way.
By ICT Norway and Atea

10.00-11.00 Bringing #FutureMobility Closer Together
The innovation community MobilityXlab presents how its partners andstartups are bringing #FutureMobility closer together in the heart ofSweden’s Silicon Valley. Keynote speakers from its partners and startups, Ericsson, CEVT, Volvo Group, Zenuity, Ekkono, Cognomotiv and Annotell - with a special guest speaker from Business Sweden.
By MobilityXlab

11.00-12.00 #FutureMobility Panel Discussions
Join a panel of partners and startups from the innovation communityMobilityXlab as they discuss why #FutureMobility needs collaborators andhow this benefits the sustainable growth of future societies. The event ishosted in the House of Scandinavia.
By MobilityXlab

10:00-11:30 Oslo talks: Impact Investment and user data
What are Oslo’s competitive advantages in the modern tech economy? Join us for these two sessions exploring both Impact Investments and User Data
By Oslo Business Region, Oslo Freedom Forum and Nordic Impact

15.00 "Almost Human"
A keynote on how the Scandinavian landscape is setting the pace for future media development. Driven by a mainstream audience that is changing more rapidly than anywhere else in the world, current Scandi media structures tremble and new ways emerge: Democratization of traditional media sources, media support & funding and entirely new combinations of public service, CSR and commercial brand approach.
This session prepares the ground for the world's premiere screening of the film 'Almost Human', the most ambitious new CSR collaboration coming out of Scandinavia right now. The Carlsberg Foundation, the controlling shareholder of the famous namesake brewery and one of the largest private research funders in Scandinavia, dared award-winning documentary director Jeppe Rønde to document his personal journey into the scientific world and give his interpretation of how technology and the human spirit interrelate. 
By Keld Reinicke, one of Northern Europe's leading media experts, and Jeppe Rønde, director of 'Almost Human’.

17.00-19.00 MobilityXlab – Startup Pitch Event @SXSW
We want to shape #futuremobility together with the best scaleups/startups in the world.
Take the opportunity to pitch your solution to CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity during SXSW and get a fast track into our application process.
By MobilityXlab

19:00 Pop up restaurant

Margrethe Vestager07. 30 Morning exercise
Want to get a fresh start to SXSW? Meet up at House of Scandinavia for a morning run led by experienced Austin runners. The run is at moderate speed for all levels. 

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

FULL DAY Roskilde Festival and Danish events

9.15 – 10.15 Democracy and corruption, in-conversation with Margrethe Vestager
Join us when Margrethe Vestager shares her perspectives on corruption, democracy and inequality. Presented with Transparency International and moderated by author and journalist Sue Halpern.

11.30-13.00 Future of Storytelling - 21st Century Content Across Platforms

13.30-14.00 Fireside Chat: Grit Daily News x SAS
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines CIO, Mattias Forsberg, dishes on the future of innovation for airline travel and transportation, including showcasing the new SAS chatbot Turi, with Grit Daily News' Jordan French.

15.00 – 16.00 Tow With The Flow
Is there a sustainable alternative to our culture of consumption? That’s a key question in Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen’s artwork “Tow with the Flow”. The work focuses on the global textile industry and will involve students from Austin. The project is presented in collaboration with ART2030 and the award-winning design studio Sur Le Chemin.

15:30 The North Alliance & SAS Round table "Empathy in tech innovation"
One of the dominating themes from last year’s SXSW was empathy – i.e. how we intend to take a more empathetic approach to tech innovation and hence shift from a ‘innovate for sake of innovation’ mindset to a ‘innovate to benefit people’ mindset. Judging from the overall tech and communication agenda that we have witnessed throughout 2018 amongst leading societal stakeholders, it doesn’t seem like this approach is going anywhere anytime soon. On the contrary.  An empathetic approach to tech and innovation will continue to be a strengthened and prioritized agenda amongst key societal stakeholders the world over as they attempt to tackle major societal matters such as climate change, increasing polarization, a growing world-population, the development of super artificial intelligence, and many more. Hence, we expect to see new layers and dimensions added to this agenda at this years’ SXSW.
The panel consists of Sondre Gravir – CEO of SATS Group, Paulina Modlitba – Founder of We Should Be Friends and cofounder of the Gather conference, Mattias Forsberg – Executive Vice President and CIO responsible for IT and digital innovation at Scandinavian Airlines, Charlotte Mattfolk– CEO at Cartina, Christian Brosstad – Public speaker and Head of Communications at ATEA, Ida Faldbakken – Creative Director at Katapult, Jonas Almeling – Head of innovation & ecosystems at Business Sweden, Anna Olin Kardell – one of Sweden’s most frequently booked and appreciated moderators and debate leaders.
In the unlikely event that such a lineup doesn’t immediately make you decide come, we mention that NoA’s own strategic director, Ørnulf Johnsen, will be the moderator.

16.00 – 19.30 JaJaJa x Roskilde Festival: Meet the Nordics + Music
Great music. Food. Drinks. Friendly people. What more do you want? A princess? You got it!
The first hour offers food and drinks, and you can meet people from the Nordic Music Offices, Roskilde Festival, record labels, film and gaming companies and many more. Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark will join us and share her thoughts on music. Talking about music is one thing, listening is another: from 5pm you can experience some of the best new Nordic acts including Lowly (DK), Death by Unga Bunga (NO) and ShitKid (SE) followed by Black Midi (UK).

19:00 Danish Social Mixer and SAS (invite only)

19:00 Pop up restaurant

07. 30 Morning exercise
Want to get a fresh start to SXSW? Meet up at House of Scandinavia for a morning run led by experienced Austin runners. The run is at moderate speed for all levels. 

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

10.00 – 11.30 Sustainable Urban Spaces
Sustainable urban development starts with you. The involvement of citizens is key, and this panel focuses on innovative and engaging initiatives in Austin. The local Fusebox Festival has co-created the event. They will also host the panel with panelists Thomas Graves (Co-Artistic Director, Rude Mechs), Zac Traeger (Director, The Museum of Human Achievement), Carra Martinez (Fusebox Festival), Meghan Wells (Cultural Arts Division Manager, City of Austin Economic Development Department), A. Ghigo DiTommaso (Associate, Gehl Architects) Signe Brink Wehl (Head of Arts, Roskilde Festival) and moderator Ron Berry (Executive & Artistic Director, Fusebox Festival).
By Fusebox Festival

11:30-12.30 Copenhagen – A Moveable Feast. From Nordic Gourmet to Luscious Leftovers.
Find out how to bring a little Nordic food magic into your life with Lonely Planet and award-winning Danish chef, Kamilla Seidler. Food is more than just fuel. It’s at the heart of every culture. It has the power to bring people together. To transform experiences. And if we can harness the power of food waste, it can even change the world. Join us for a discussion on the Danes’ sustainable approach to gastronomy and taste delicious AND sustainable snacks made, remarkably, from food waste.
By VisitDenmark and Lonely Planet

11:30-13:30 Export Music Sweden Matchmaking
By Export Music Sweden

13:00-14:30 The Stockholm Talks & Swedish picnic: Sweden’s secret sauce to music tech leadership
By Invest Stockholm and Visit Stockholm, in partnership with Embassy of Sweden, Washington, D.C, and the support of Swedish Institute

15:00 Are the Nordics the World's Next Unicorn Factory?
NordicLA and ByFounders are excited to invite you to engaging debates featuring accomplished profiles from the tech, innovation and startup scene at SxSW with a focus on the Nordics. The discussion will be moderated by Gro Eirin Dyrnes, Chair at Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto and Director Innovation Norway Silicon Valley.
By NordicLA, byFounders

17:00 Nordic Mixer - Venture Capital and Nordic Startups
Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade with repsonsibility for Nordic Affairs will deliver a key note speech at the mixer.
By NordicLA, byFounders

19:00 Pop up restaurant

20:15 Direct Flight Austin – Arlanda SK 6952

08.00 Scandinavian Breakfast

13:00 Event with Auddly (Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA)
Passion is a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things. The secret to living the dream is hidden in our passions and what we do because of them.
So how do you recognize your passion, and how do you put it to good use? In this panel, Björn Ulveus of ABBA and Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Mastercard together with moderator Niclas Moliner, co-founder of Auddly will discuss drive and passion as the fuel of action and how they use their own passions in their professional roles. 

15.00 timetoRIOT app launch & creative mixer
timetoRIOT, the hiring platform for the creative industry, believes creating should be the hardest part of creation.
Join their creative mixer, and help them celebrate the launch of their app, making it easier to find jobs based on your current location within the film, TV and entertainment industries. Now you can swipe to get paid, not laid!

16.00 Meet Live Heart
Live at Heart is the biggest showcase festival in Sweden for music, film and startup/tech. 
Come and meet representative and hear som great music. 
Åke Lundström, CEO Live at heart
Niclas Molinder, Auddly
Bijoy Goswami, Bootstrap Austin



19:00 Pop up restaurant


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