How SAS has brought Scandinavia to the world

House of Scandinavia is not the first example of SAS bringing Scandinavia to the world. As part of its business operations, SAS has spread Scandinavian culture, art, food and entertainment all round the world over the decades. Here are a few examples.

SAS makes its offices available as a press center during Kennedy’s funeral

SAS makes its offices available as a press center during Kennedy’s funeral

June 1968
The SAS offices on Fifth Avenue in New York were right opposite St Patrick’s Cathedral, where the funeral of presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy was held on Thursday 6 June 1968. An estimated 40 or so reporters and photographers, from over 40 newspapers, radio stations and TV channels, covered the event from the SAS offices.

SAS Catering preparing a wedding meal.

SAS Catering prepares the food for King Harald’s wedding

September 1968
When Norway’s crown prince Harald married Sonja, SAS Catering was commissioned to organize the food for the wedding reception. However, the political climate meant that the large banquet was scaled down to a smaller event, where SAS Catering served Cold Salmon a la Prince of Norway.

New York gourmets invited to a smörgåsbord

June 1970
Members of the New York Wine and Food Society tasted their way through a range of 49 Danish, Norwegian and Swedish specialties prepared for them by Viggo Hansen (NYCCA) and his wife Inga, who was previously with SAS Catering.  It was the largest selection of traditional ingredients presented in the classic Scandinavian style to be arranged in New York since the SAS restaurant in the Swedish Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair in 1965.

SAS flies a six-meter Christmas tree from Scandinavia to Bangkok

February 1980
The Christmas tree was a gift from the Scandinavian colony in Thailand and SAS, to the city of Bangkok to consolidate their good relations. The Christmas tree lights were switched on by the Mayor of Bangkok and the Swedish Ambassador to Thailand in front of the City Hall on St Lucia's Day in 1979.

SAS flies Viking artefacts to London and New York exhibition

March 1980
Over 500 Viking artefacts were displayed at The British Museum in the most comprehensive exhibition of the Viking Age hitherto. SAS, that was also a sponsor of the exhibition, ensured that the priceless artefacts arrived in safe keeping to London. The exhibition subsequently transferred to New York, care of SAS, before eventually being air freighted back to the lenders.

Danish entertainment in the Far East

April 1986
Legendary Danish musical and comedy show artists Pallesen & Pilmark were flown by SAS on an Asian tour, where they entertained Scandinavian and local guests in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing and finally in Tokyo, where a party was held to celebrate the Queen of Denmark’s birthday.

SAS flies record volumes of Norwegian salmon to the world market

February 1987
In 1987, more salmon was exported from Norway than ever before, half of which was flown to destinations around the world by SAS. The US is the main export market for Norwegian salmon air freighted by SAS.

SAS targets China

April 1987
Hong Kong is a natural launch pad for doing business in China. SAS personnel in the SAS Hong Kong office take Mandarin lessons to be able to communicate more effectively on the growing Chinese market.

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