With the right apps in your smartphone you'll be sure to get a smoother trip. Photo: Shutterstock
With the right apps in your smartphone you'll be sure to get a smoother trip. Photo: Shutterstock


10 smart travel apps

Download your own personal travel agent to your smartphone.


Buy tickets, check in, and use your smartphone as a boarding pass. You can also check whether your flight is on time. While you are waiting for your flight to depart, you can read newspapers and magazines, including Aftenposten, The New York Times, and Svenska Dagbladet.
Available on all platforms.iOSAndroid, Windows


Book a ride to and from the airport, or from your hotel to a meeting. Uber is a service that offers passenger transport practically anywhere in the world. All types of vehicle are available. In some cities you can even travel by helicopter or boat. Set up an account and download the app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Once you have booked your cab, you can track the real time location of your driver and get an accurate arrival time.
iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
The app is free.


A marketplace where you can rent a room or apartment privately anywhere in the world. Choose anything from a room in a cramped apartment in Singapore to a chateau in France. You agree the price, check-in and check-out dates direct with the individual homeowner. You can also hire out your own home.
Availiable on Android,iOS,Windows.  The app is free.

XE Currency

Work out what things cost in a flash. XE Currency has data for most currencies, including bitcoins.
Available for both Android and iPhone.

Photo Translator

This app helps you read signs and menus in 36 different languages. Point the camera at a sign and the text is translated on screen.
Available for Android and iPhone.
Free to download and you get five free translations per day. You can pay if you need more.

Google Earth

See where you are going, right down to street level.
Available for both Android and iPhone.

Yahoo Weather

Get minute-by-minute weather updates and see pictures of where you are going using Yahoo’s prizewinning app. You can also check tide times and get a humidity report and lots of other weather facts.
All available on iPhone and Android and in several languages.

Airport apps

Lots of airports have their own apps. They include maps and route planning from one departure to the next, and provide an overview of arrivals, departures and any delays. Check out the apps of Oslo Airport OSL, CPH Airport, or Swedavia Swedish Airports, for example.
Available on all platforms.

Michelin guides

The famous restaurant guides have long been available to download to your smartphone. Don’t forget that these guides are also full of useful tips on great, reasonably priced bistros. Michelin has lots of other guides, including Michelin Travel, a guide to over 30,000 recommended attractions all over the world.
Also available for both iPhone and Android.


Surprise someone with an old-fashioned postcard, designed by you of course on your own phone. Take a picture, edit it, write a message, and send. You can also track what you send.
Available for Android and iPhone.
The app is free, but you have to pay to send postcards.


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