Tubakuba, a fun, small cabin on a steep slope in Skansemyren, Bergen. Photo: Espen Folgerø


5 Amazing cabins in Norway

Thinking of trying out the cabin experience in Norway? Here are some of the most impressive.

Skarveriet. Photo: Geilo Klatreklubb


Skarvereiret is a cabin that was owned by renowned Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss, who used to go climbing here. He started building it in 1942, right on the edge of the Hallingskarvet mountain range and he carried the wood-burning stove and materials here himself. The terrain is steep and inaccessible, but not impossible if you are a regular mountain hiker. The plain and tiny cabin now belongs to the Geilo Climbing Club. It is never locked and has facilities for an overnight stay. Arne Næss also built a somewhat larger cabin in the area, Tvergastein, the very epitome of a Norwegian Trehyttene. Photo: Trehyttenecabin. However, it is not open to the general public.


Up in the trees

Try a tree-top cabin. There are several amazing, tiny private “shoe boxes” to rent. Search trehyttene.no (for Gjerstad, between Kragerø and Risør) and tretopphytter.no (for Brumunddal, between Hamar and Lillehammer) to see what is available there. You can often combine a stay with dogsledding, canoeing, fishing, skiing, cycling and swimming. The cabins are popular, so book early.


A fun, small cabin on a steep slope in Skansemyren, Bergen. Families with children stay free. The cabin is part of a City of Bergen initiative to promote simple outdoor life close to the city. It has neither mains water nor power, but a good wood-burning stove and space for two adults and three children to sleep. Bring roll mats, sleeping bags, food and a camp stove. Students from Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) have designed the cabin and it’s well worth a visit.


Old meets new: Architect Eilif Børge has designed the new tourist cabin at Skålabu, supporting the older tower. Photo: Tore Johan Smidt/DNT


Skålatårnet and this new tourist cabin, Skålabu, with 20 beds, is 1,847m above sea level in beautiful surroundings near Loen in Sogn and Fjordane and Joste­dalsbreen. The trail is steep in places but it is very popular. Thousands of people visit Skåla every year. The round cabin has been named the most original in Norway. A sister cabin at Skål­abu will open in the summer of 2017.


On top. SteinHalvorsen Architects have designed the brand new Høgevardehytta, at 1400 meters above sea level. Photo: Johan Fegri/DNT


Innovative architecture in the mountains. The new Høgevardehytta at Norefjell opens on 27 March. Norefjell is one of the most popular mountain regions in Norway and is close to Oslo, just a 90-minute drive from the capital. The cabin has seven bedrooms and sleeps 50 in total. It was built for the Norwegian Trekking Association and the surrounding area in an original design and it offers the impressive views over southern Norway. Café in the old cabin. Tempelseter is a great area for skiing up until Easter, but book ahead and check the weather forecast. The Norefjell mountain range is very exposed.


Text: Helle Benedicte Berg

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