Waiting for you flight? Perfect! Time to do some training. Photo: Shutterstock
Waiting for you flight? Perfect! Time to do some training. Photo: Shutterstock


9 exercises while waiting for your flight

Traveling can be a great opportunity to exercise. There are many ways to get the most out of the hours spent on your feet at the airport before leaning back to relax in your comfy SAS seat. With some imagination and a little extra time, the airport can be the perfect gym.

1. Keep walking

Ask your traveling companion to walk along the moving walkway while you try to keep up the same pace beside it.

2. Elevator exercise

The elevator is the perfect place to do some squats.

3. While waiting

Waiting to collect your baggage? Great! Do some squat jumps while waiting for it to arrive.Photo: Shutterstock

4. Seat yourself

It’s often hard to find a seat in the departure gate area. So just be your own seat. Find a wall, sit against it with your knees bent at 90 degrees and feel the burn.

5. Distant gateways

Usually, the departure gate you need is the one that’s the farthest away. Lucky you! Do five split squats between the gates you pass on the way.

6. Work your biceps

The line at security control is the perfect time to grab your ­partner’s carry-on along with your own and shape your biceps. Simply hold the bags straight in front of you and pull them up and down towards you.

7. Upwards and onwards

Use stairs and not escalators.

8. Baggage train

Put all your traveling companion’s bags on your trolley to make it extra heavy. A full body workout!

9. Round and round

If you’re out in good time and have excess energy, you can get rid of some it by taking a couple of extra rounds in the revolving doors at the airport entrance.


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