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Bank Hotel opens on 22 ­August in Stockholm.

What is it about old banks that make them the ideal locations for new hotels? It probably has something to do with the grand architecture, often featuring marble, dark wood, lofty ceilings and impressive pillars. Secret vaults certainly add value. Whatever it is, turning former banks into hotels seems to be a recipe that’s working – London has The Ned, Berlin has Hotel de Rome and Amsterdam the W, housed in the city’s former KAS bank.

Now, Stockholm is joining the list. In August, one of the city’s most beautiful buildings will come back to life as the Bank Hotel opens on Blasieholmen in the middle of the central shopping and entertainment district.

After a complete renovation, the former head office of the Södra Sverige Banking com­pany from 1910 has been converted into a boutique hotel, with 115 rooms in a classic style. There are also several restaurants and bars, the most spectacular of which is the Bank Hall with its six-meter-high glass ceiling. Many original features, such as the massive bronze double doors, wall paintings and marble floors, have been retained.

Bank Hotel opens on 22 ­August on Arsenalsgatan 6, Stockholm.
For more info vitist: bankhotel.se

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