Tonje Blomseth
Tonje Blomseth


Adventurer and blogger Tonje Blomseth’s top tips for great trips

The 23-year-old adventurer, blogger and author Tonje Blomseth is always dreaming about traveling on new expeditions. Here are the wilderness girl’s ideas for great trips in Norway.

Grøvudalen and Gammelsætra, Møre og Romsdal

A fantastic journey along the river through the lush Grødalen valley. It’s a nice family trip suitable for children as young as three. There’s a self-service DNT hut and a storehouse at the summer pasture. Milkmaids used to work here in the summer. Not far from the pasture you’ll find good bathing pools and fishing waters.


View from Snøhetta, Dovrefjell. Photo: Anders Gjengedal – Visit Norway

Mountain trail to Snøhetta, Dovre municipality

Walking up to Snøhetta is quite spectacular because of the amazing views you get on the way up. The terrain is rocky, but the view makes the effort worthwhile all the way up. You may even see a musk ox in the Dovre mountains if you’re lucky!

Sunndalsfjella nasjonalpark

Crossing Laksefjordvidda plain, Finnmark

For those keen on fishing, I would recommend spending 4–8 days crossing the Laksefjordvidda plain in Finnmark in mid-August. By then the worst of the mosquitoes will have gone and the trout fishing is good. The cloudberries and blueberries are ripe and it’s not too hot to go there. It’s a great trip where you probably won’t run into many other people. The plain is pretty big.

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