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Be properly prepared before your round of golf – SAS Crew tips

Soaking wet golf clothes are fine in the dining room but jeans, however exclusive, can get you refused admittance. SAS Crew share five top tips for a successful round of golf on holiday.

1. Check the dress codes
If you wear shorts on the golf course, in Spain for example, it’s important to have your sweater tucked in your trousers. It’s even stricter in Great Britain. If you turn up on the golf course wearing shorts, it’s important to ensure they are knee length and match your socks! Dress codes are also important in the club house and jeans are rarely accepted.

2. Golf cart or not?
Taking a golf cart on a round of golf is far from the norm in Europe. A medical certificate may be required, and you might have to let a caddie drive. In the USA it may be exactly the opposite and you have to hire a cart. In Asia it’s often the caddie and golf cart. And don’t forget to tip your caddie!

3. Game lottery
The Old Course in St Andrews has an obvious place on any golfer’s bucket list. Lengthy forward planning is essential but there are two options, even at short notice. One is the daily “ballot” which leads to a game two days later. The other is to turn up at the first tee in the morning to see if there is a spare place. It opens at 06.30. But even then you can expect a queue. Sometimes golf enthusiasts turn up in the middle of the night and sleep outside the door.

4. Check the handicap restrictions
It’s not totally unheard of for courses abroad to have stricter handicap restrictions than we are used to at home.  There may also be different restrictions for men and women. 28 is normal for gentlemen but on the same course there may be a restriction of 36 for ladies. Check the rules that apply to your particular travel destination.

5. Take your own golf bag or hire one
It’s becoming increasingly common to hire clubs on site, but most people feel more comfortable with their own set. The charge for checking in a golf bag varies, from special baggage being included, to the golf bag being counted as normal luggage or attracting a charge. Don’t forget to check whether you need to register your bag when you book!

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