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Cross country skiing in Funäsfjällen. Photo: Jocke Lagercrantz
Cross country skiing in Funäsfjällen. Photo: Jocke Lagercrantz


Cross country skiing in Funäsdalen

Through winding valleys and over high mountain terrain. Gliding in the well-groomed ski trails is something really special for every ski fanatic. SAS is flying to some of the best long ski destinations in Scandinavia. Like Funäsdalen in Sweden.

In Funäsfjällen you find one of the world’s largest cross country ski areas. Here you find over 300 kilometers of groomed trails that wind its way through valleys around all the high mountains. It’s called the Nordic Ski Center and it’s laid so you always have world-class cross country trails near you. Day card for adults costs 60 kronor. Weekly card costs 260 kronor. Children up to 15 years ski for free.

In Funäsfjällens mountain villages you’ll find apartments, hotels, private cottages and guesthouses. All offer cozy accommodation and well-furnished. For example Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell offers 25 cozy rooms, all with toilet, shower, cable TV and wireless Internet and Bruksvallsliden Hotel is an alternative hotel with 50 single and double rooms.

Specialties like burbots, elk, lingonberries, reindeer, and cloudberries. Funäsfjällens nature resources are what restaurants in Funäsfjällen base their menus on. There are a wide range of alternatives. For example you will find one microbrewery, five waffle cottages and in total 29 restaurants. Fjällbäcken's restaurant Käk guarantees a top-class dining experience, or for a great after-ski experience you should visit Eriks Kök & Bar.

In Funäsfjällen there is so much more than ski trails. Why not try fishing, guided tour of the museum, snowshoes or take a skiing lessons to develop your technique. There are many great outdoor activities waiting for you. If you rather take a tour in the village, you’ll find many inspiring stores. Like design and attractive skiwear, Sami handicraft and organic soap. Why not buy with the local specialties home from Bruksvallarnas Rökeri Gårdsbutik and Fjälldelikatessen Tänndalen.

Funäsfjällen info
Rörosvägen 30, 840 95 Funäsdalen

Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell
Vintergatan 3, 84095 Funäsdalen

Bruksvallsliden Hotell
Myhrsvängen 5, 84097 Bruksvallarna

Eriks Kök & Bar
Vintergatan 3, 840 95 Funäsdalen

Rörosvägen 152, 84095 Funäsdalen

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