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Vejle, Denmark. Photo: GettyImages
Vejle, Denmark. Photo: GettyImages


Cycling in Scandinavia

Taking a cycling tour while on holiday can be a great way to see the country or town you are staying in and get some great exercise at the same time. For more competitive travelers, there are lots of cycling races to choose from.may want to take part in a race.


Roslagshösten (August 28)

This race takes place in the beautiful rural landscape around Roslagen, just north of Stockholm. You can choose between the 72km race with three stages and the 135km with five. This year, a special slower-paced event called the Kaffe Latte group is being held for beginners.


Mörksuggejakten (July 10)

Elite cyclists and ­amateurs alike love this 74km race and many believe that the course, which is around ­Rättvik, in Dalarna, is one of the most beautiful in Sweden. So even if you’re not in it to win it, you can still enjoy the fantastic scenery while getting fit at the same time. 


Hardangerfjord, Norway. Photo: Shutterstock


Furusjoen Rundt (July 23)

Participants in the Furusjoen Rundt in Rondane, can race in six different events. The shortest is the 12km event for families and the longest is the 73km event for men (and one open class). The events in between are open to both men and women.



There is no better way to see the Hardangerfjord, Norway’s second longest bay near Bergen, than by cycling the 191km national cycle route. There are spectacular views of the fjords, mountains, glaciers and charming villages along the way.


Roskilde, Denmark. Photo: Shutterstock



The 70km-long bike ride through the historic city of Roskilde, on the island of Zealand, passes the cathedral and the superb Viking Ship Museum and loops around the fjord of Roskilde. If 70km is too much, there are plenty of shorter routes to choose from.


Text: Katarina Sjöström


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