Etape Bornholm Photo: Kent Nielsen/Viking Atletik
Etape Bornholm Photo: Kent Nielsen/Viking Atletik


Beautiful runs in Denmark

Danes are some of the world's most eager runners and organize over 1,100 fun runs each year. Here are some of the most beautiful, where instead of having asphalt underfoot from A to B, you get to experience nature and challenging landscapes over a few kilometers.


A run in this beautiful natural setting along and across the longest waterway in Denmark. The run starts at Bjerringbro bridge. There’s a 5.3km and half marathon courses, plus a 1.75km run for children.

20 May 2017


A brand new run in Odense, the capital of Fyn and birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, that goes through the city center plus glorious green areas such as Ansgar Anlæg, Odense Å and Hunderupskoven. There are runs from 5 to 15km plus a children's 2km run. 

21 May 2017

Råbjerg Mile-løbet

Råbjerg Mile is a migrating coastal dune between Skagen and Frederikshavn. It's the largest moving dune in Northern Europe and venue for an incomparable run embracing dunes, bridleways and beaches. There's also a gentler, flatter version. Runs from 5km to half marathon.

3 June 2017

Etape Bornholm  Photo: Kent Nielsen/Viking Atletik

Etape Bornholm-løbet

This stage, Etape Bornholm, offers the opportunity to experience the fantastic nature on this beautiful Baltic island (and feel its cruel climbs) on a marathon distance course split over 5 days.

24-28 July 2017


Marselisborgløbet Run in Aarhus is stunning and starts at Tangkrogen, hugs the coastline and then heads into Marselisborgskoven forest. There are runs from 6 to 12 km plus a children's 3km run.

26 August 2017

Nationalpark Thy Maraton

Thy National Park is the largest wilderness area in Denmark, and this run offers the chance to experience the magical dune landscape here, plus the North Sea, woods and lakes. Runs of varying distances - from 5.4km to marathon plus walking routes. 

2 September 2017

Mols Bjerge. Photo: Bert Wiklund/visitdenmark


A run through landscape sculpted by the Ice Age, through woods and with sea views. Large climbs and beautiful nature offer a touch of trail running. Runs of varying distances – from 4.2km to marathon. 

16 September 2017


Gnarled oaks, plentiful red and fallow deer, hills, sea and a spectacular hunting lodge. Dyrehaven, north of Copenhagen, is a forest and cultural heritage treasure trove in one and Eremitageløbet Run through the fall forest is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Distance: 13.3km 

8 October 2017


Text: Lise Hannibal

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