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3500 saving boxes waits at Randers Saving Box Museum. Photo: visitranders
3500 saving boxes waits at Randers Saving Box Museum. Photo: visitranders


Denmark’s most off-beat museums

The National Gallery of Denmark, the National Museum of Denmark, and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art are all excellent. But have you ever visited the Potato Museum? Or seen the largest collection of money boxes in Denmark?

No? Then you’re in for a treat! In fact, Denmark is full of curious museums devoted to everything from plastic boxes, souvenirs, and Skoda cars to schlager singers, bottled ships, and teddy bears.  And a whole lot more besides. Here’s our pick of the bunch – be the first of your friends to see them.

Plast Palads Tupperware museum 

Said to be the world’s first museum devoted to Tupperware plastic boxes, accessories, and items dating from 1962 onwards. Its creator, Ulla Abildgaard, has collected over 4,800 Tupperware products and awards in the form of pins, medals, and prizes that were given to the best-performing salespeople over the years.

Svendborgvej 80, Odense

Elvis museum in Randers

Henrik Knudsen’s large collection of Elvis memorabilia is housed, appropriately enough, in the faithful copy of Graceland he has had built in Randers.  That’s not all. There’s also a replica of Elvis’s birthplace, as well as an American South diner, transporting you to Memphis, Tennessee, in the middle of Jutland. 

Memphis Mansion, Graceland Randers vej 3, Randers

Savings box museum. Photo: visitranders

Savings box museum

Another unusual museum in Randers. Sparekassen Kronjylland’s collection of money boxes contains more than 3,500 exhibits, in the shape of pigs, bears, birds, cartoon characters, and more, some dating back as far as the 17th century. 

Sparebøssemuseet, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Middelgade 1, Randers

Rare specimens from the 17th century

An elephant fetus in formaldehyde, stuffed crocodiles, the bones of a giant, and a unicorn horn. These are just some of the rare specimens at the Museum Wormianium, a cabinet of curiosities collected by physician Ole Worm in the middle of the 17th century, which is classed as Denmark’s first museum and can still be seen at the Geological Museum. Incredibly captivating.

Geologisk Museum, Øster Voldgade 5-7, København

Jodle Birges museum

The man behind such Danish schlager hits as “Tre Hvide Duer” (Three White Doves) and “Rigtige Venner” (True Friends) died in 2004, but his dedicated fans have ensured he has his own museum. Here you can see his Tyrolean jacket, his Red Fiat 500, and some of the yodeler’s other personal items. 

Jodle Birges Museum, Rold Gl. Kro, Hobrovej 11, Rold

Potato museum

The idyllic Hofmansgave Estate on Funen is perhaps best known for its beautiful castle park, but it’s also home to Denmark’s potato museum. Here you can learn about the potato’s importance for public health and its rise up the social ladder from pig feed to an indispensable side dish on Danish dinner tables. 

Hofmansgavevej 27, Otterup

A light bulb, a ship in a bottle and a souvenir från Langeland - all in one i. Genius. Photo: Souvenariet

Souvenariet souvenir museum

A gondola-shaped candle holder, a miniature castle that changes color, and countless splinters from the cross of Jesus. Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes and we either love them or hate them. The fascination of souvenirs is behind Souvenariet’s collection, which includes over 4,000 souvenirs from all over the world, and tells the story of mass-produced travel mementos with a good dose of humor. 

Den Gamle Teaterbygning ved Tranekær Slot, Langeland

Flaske-Peters samling

Peter Jacobsen was obsessed with building ships in bottles. He made over 1,700 of them, as well as 50 large model ships, and many of them were on display in the former workhouse in Ærøskøbing where ‘Flaske-Peter’ lived with his wife. Here the old sea dog looked after his collection, told a few tall tales, and ended up as a something of a celebrity. An old-school original – just like the collection.

Flaske-Peters samling, Smedegade 22, Ærøskøbing, Ærø.

Skoda museum

Skoda was the butt of many jokes in the 1980s. But while some people were busy making fun of the Czech-made vehicle, others turned it into a collector’s item. This collection has everything from beautiful vintage cars, everyday Communist cars, ambulances, and rally cars to the first Skodas to be produced in collaboration with VW in the 1990s. A story of design, transport, and world history under one roof in West Funen.

Nårupvej 32, Glamsbjerg.


Text: Lise Hannibal

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