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Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic


Digital detox retreats

From Scandinavia to ­Australia, the places to leave your phone at home and truly switch off have never been greater. Here are a few options.

Dragebjerg, Denmark

Three-day retreats focused on physical and psychological well-being in scenic, off-the-grid surroundings on the Arrenæs Peninsula outside Frederiks­værk, Denmark.


Photo: Villa Insikt

Villa Insikt Digital Detox, Sweden

Retreats run by digital detox pioneer Karina DiLucia near Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland.

Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

At the SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, programs are tailored to the needs and wishes of clients, focusing on creating and maintaining healthy ­hab­its. Mobile devices are strictly banned while there are plenty of activities and pampering possibilities on offer.

SHA Wellness Clinic

Photo: Pukka travels

Pukka travels

With sailing trips in the ­glorious waters of northern Norway and a long list of other activities, you won’t have time to reach for your phone even if you wanted to.

Pukka travels

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