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Drive and live like a local with these apps

Drive a Tesla on summer holiday. Or book one of the coolest places to stay at Tromsø. With the new sharing services on smartphones you can rent a house and a car from local residents. Or eat dinner with them.

Rent a car with Nabobil.no

How about cruising along the west coast of Norway in a Ferrari 360 Spider? Or maybe you’d prefer a more environment friendly Tesla? Nabobil is a service that connects car owners in Norway with people looking to rent a car. Nabobil has 140,000 users and 5,000 cars for rent today. The cheapest daily rate is around Nkr300 or Nkr70 an hour. The car owner sets the price, but the minimum rent is for three hours. A Ferrari costs from Nkr8,000 per day. As a car owner, you can earn from Nkr10,000 to 80,000 a year renting out your car via the service. The service has nationwide coverage.


Fight restaurant and store food waste with TooGoodToGo

Rescue food from restaurants and stores that would otherwise go to waste with the TooGoodToGo app. Via your smartphone, you can save food from the waste bin by buying it at half price. Some 600 outlets are linked to the app that now has over half a million users. These outlets include restaurants, canteens, supermarkets, fuel stations and delicatessens. Every day the app finds homes for 1,600 meals that would otherwise have been thrown away. You not only get cheaper food, you also help cut food waste at the same time.


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A home

With Airbnb you can rent a room or a whole house. Right now, for example, you can rent this apartment in a converted barn in Troms. Or how about a Sami tent? Airbnb has a choice of 3 million properties in 191 countries. A Boston University study revealed that hotel room rates in the US have fallen due to competition from the many small private “hotels”.


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Eat at home with a local

The Eatwith concept where local “chefs” invite people to dinner in their own home has now reached Norway. For example, in Oslo you can share a Ramadan meal with Maryam such as Brik, a Tunisian deep fried thin pastry with a filling, couscous, lamb and fish. Or why not go fjord fishing with Ronald and catch your own meal? Other choices include generous breakfasts, picnics, afternoon tea and dinner with a concert. As part of the deal you gain access to local knowledge and meet people who will also be curious about you. To get started, simply register, browse “home restaurants” and book the meal you think looks most appetizing.


Prices from Nkr209 per person

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