Earn points while pampering yourself

Earn EuroBonus Extra points by purchasing products from several leading brands that help you look, smell and feel good, visit a spa, or get away from it all at a hotel.


Inspired by ancient Eastern traditions and with fragrances created by the world’s finest perfumers, Rituals products help you transform your daily routines like taking a shower and soaking in a warm bath with a candle.

Earn 100 points per SKr100, DKr100 or NKr100 spent in stores



A.C. Perchs Thehandel

A.C. Perchs import tea from the best plantations and gardens around the world. They also sell a large selection of accessories for tea, such as jugs, cups, cakes, jam and chocolate.

Earn 75 points per DKr100 or NKr100 spent in stores



Södra Berget

Relax at the Vida Vyer spa at the Södra Berget hotel in Sundsvall. The basic package provides access to a Turkish/Roman steam sauna, Japanese rinsing, dry sauna, cold and hot tub bath, jacuzzi and a terrace pool.

Earn 50 points per SKr100 spent



Hooks Herrgård

The manor house that’s mirrored in the waters of Lake Hookasjön in Småland in southern Sweden, is a reminder that Hooks Herrgård has been an elegant home for centuries. Today, it is a conference, golf and recreation destination that continues the elegant style of its historic past. Come to play golf, visit the spa or just to spend a relaxing weekend.

Earn 50 points per SKr100 spent




Bahne is a Danish retail chain specializing in interior design, fashion and children's clothing, with a focus on great customer service combined with a wide and exciting range at competitive prices.

Earn 100 points per DKr100 spent



Men’s Room

Men’s Room is Denmark’s first skincare clinic for men. They offer facials, skincare treatments, hair removal and hand and foot care, enabling you to look your best.

Earn 50 points per DKr100 spent

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