Photo: Guillaume Couche
Photo: Guillaume Couche

Eco-friendly food gadgets

As we become more and more aware of the human impact on the environment, eco-friendly gadgets are taking food growing, preparation and waste management into the future. 

Outdoor solar cooker

The Gosunstove is designed for environmentally-friendly camping. Food is “steam-fried” inside a cylinder that captures heat from the sun. It also comes with a thermal battery, allowing you to cook on cloudy days. 


Edible water bottle

Ooho is a biodegradable, tasteless water bottle made from seaweed extract that can be fully swallowed and digested – and could possibly replace the millions of plastic bottles thrown away each year.


Photo: Farm from a box

Farm in a box

A modified shipping container with an irrigation system, solar panels, weather tracking de­vices, batteries, seeds, LED lighting and built-in WiFi. It is capable of producing crops equivalent to one hectare of land.


Photo: Grove Ecosystem

Indoor vegetable garden

The Grove Ecosystem allows you to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs – and even raise fish – from inside your home. Designed by MIT engineers, the cabinet-sized indoor garden is the ultimate in hyper-local food sourcing.


Compact digester

Reducing landfill waste is a big challenge, but the HomeBiogas unit isn’t just a compact anaerobic digester, it also converts organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer.


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