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Photo: Johnér
Photo: Johnér


Experience the magical phenomenon of White nights

White nights are bright nights. This magical phenomenon is created by the sun reflecting off atmospheric particles. Head north for an illuminating experience.

In the summer of 1908, an asteroid or comet exploded in the atmosphere above Tunguska in Siberia, producing a particularly bright glow at night for several weeks in Sweden. Reports tell of a light so bright that it cast shadows. The event was the biggest collision between the Earth and a foreign ­celestial body in the past 100,000 years. Luckily you don’t need a big explosion to ­experience light nights. In the summer, the areas north of the Arctic Circle exchange their pitch-black winter months for days that never end.

Hiking, volcano style in Iceland, Reykjavik

Hiking, volcano style in Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock

Go on a summer adventure in the original winter wonderland – for those who’ve done it all, try a White Night Volcano Hike.

April 14–October 1

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Left: Midnight golf in Tromsø. Photo: Getty Images. Right: Midnight Sun Trail in Kiruna. Photo: Kiruna Lappland

Midnight golf in Tromso

The pearl of Norway offers light nights and the midnight sun. Take the opportunity to visit Tromso and play a memorable round or two of golf any time of the day or night. Just don’t forget to get some sleep.

Tromso, Norway
May 20–July 22

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High light – trekking higher, Kiruna

Enjoy a Midnight Sun Trail. A 4.3km hike takes you up the mountain of Luossavaara for the perfect way to experience the light nights at 724m above sea level.

Kiruna, Sweden
May 27–July 15

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Left: Late night romance in St. Petersburg. Photo: Shutterstock. Right: Classic cars at midnight in Västerås. Photo: Msr

Light night romance in St. Petersburg

Each year, St. Petersburg holds a White Nights Festival from late May to July. Experience truly romantic white nights of classical ballet and music of all kinds. From carnivals to fireworks displays, there really is something for everyone.

St. Petersburg (multiple locations), Russia
May 23–July 10

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Classic cars at midnight in Vasteras

The Midnight Sun Rally. Take part or just watch, either way a great event organized by the Swedish Royal Automobile Club (KAK).

Vasteras, Sweden
June 24–27

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French white nights in Paris?

The Nuit Blanche in Paris. Photo: Shutterstock

Taking its lead from St. Petersburg the Nuit Blanche in Paris may not be until the fall but the format is the same same: free culture for all as most institutions keep their doors open for this wonderful all-nighter.

Paris, France
October 4–5

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Text: Emma Olsson

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