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Experience winter in Norway

We don't bemoan the dark in Norway. We dress warmly and throw ourselves out into the snow and ice under the dancing Northern Lights. We even strip off and jump into the fjords, too.

Don't miss a chance to watch the whales . Photo: Mikeal Michael Kaack-Nordkspedisjon

Whale safari in Alta

Do you love nature and wildlife? Book a whale safari in Altafjorden this winter. Humpback whales and killer whales that play in the fjord are a genuine sight to behold. It's almost as though they're showing off when they leap up and splash down into the water. Nord Ekspedisjon offers RIB safaris. The trip starts from the center of Alta. The tour operator provides warm coats, but it's still advisable to wear plenty of wool layers.


9518 Alta

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Rates: From Nkr3,900 per night.

In Oslo you can swim at the opera throughout the year. If you're brave.

Oslo is the new Finland

The population of Oslo don't let a few degrees below zero put them off either. Here, people jump in the fjord in both summer and winter. If you’d like a swim in the fjord, Sørenga Sauna Raft Association has two sauna rafts, Måken and Skarven. Both are close to Oslo's beautiful opera house. If you want to combine swimming with culture, head to SALT, a sauna village that hosts concerts, debates and a choice of four different saunas.

Sørenga badstuflåte

Entrance from Nkr1,000.

The Sunnmør Mountains offer peaks and slopes that deliver an adrenaline rush. Are you brave enough? Photo: Felix Oppenheim

Top trips

The hashtag topptur (top trip) gets 359,000 hits on Instagram. If you click on it, that’s exactly what you get - nature, snow, speed and smiles. All four are available at many places in Norway, such as the stunningly beautiful Sunnmør Mountains where you get urban life, fjords and mountain peaks on one and the same trip. You can fly to Ålesund and book a package with accommodation at the beautiful Brosundet Hotel, ski & sail and then dinner and partying at the hotel.



Sleep in the tree tops! Photo: Fredrik Bye

High rise architecture

In Finnskogen you can sleep in the tree tops, or more precisely, between the tree tops. Pan tretopphytter offer accommodation in tree top cabins designed by architect Espen Surnevik and engineer Finn-Erik Nilsen. The cabins stand on steel frames between the trees. The aim was for the cabins to blend into the landscape. The cabins are angled and shaped to capture as much sunlight as possible to ensure you enjoy a genuine back to nature experience. And solar power also means the cabins are energy efficient. The cabins were opened by husband and wife team Kristian Rostad and Christine Mowinckel. At a stay here, you're guaranteed a still night right in the heart of nature, plus views over Østerdalen, Hedmarksvidda and Gjesåssjøen. Since being raised into place in 2018, the cabins have won several awards for their design and appearance.

Pan tretopphytter

Joger Hansens Veg 2280, 2280 Gjesåsen

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Rates: From Nkr3,900 per night.


Stay in an ice hotel

In November, temperatures can drop to -19 degrees Celsius in parts of Finnmark. Brothers Hans Ulrik and Tor Kjetil Wisløff decided it was better to build an igloo than moan about the cold and darkness. Every year, they construct an ice hotel where you can check in and sleep on a bed of ice, naturally with warm reindeer skins between you and the bed. Right now, they're in the process of constructing a mix of double, triple and family rooms and suites, 28 rooms in total. There's also an ice bar, chapel and an art gallery, all made of ice and snow. This year's theme is Nordic adventures.If you fancy a New Year adventure, you can book a stay with five-course New Year's Eve dinner with fireworks and Champagne. And maybe the Northern Lights will provide a spectacular finale to make the New Year celebrations even more special.


Sorrisniva 20, 9518 Alta

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The hotel opens on 20 December. Rates from Nkr2,560 per night including breakfast.

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