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La Scala opera house at night. Photo: Shutterstock
La Scala opera house at night. Photo: Shutterstock


Feel exclusive in Milan

Get soaked in Milanese artistic treasures, architecture and enjoy a festive atmosphere in Milan this weekend.

Opera season kicks off December 7th. So why not take the opportunity to fill your senses in Milan’s musical jewel. La Scala is one of the world’s most famous opera houses. It was founded in 1776 and has strong ties with world known composers. Names like Rossini, Bellini and Verdi have all had their compositions performed in La Scala.

Milan’s personal saint Sant’Ambrogio, protector of the city, is celebrated the same weekend. Plenty of festive markets and religious services will fill the streets in honour of the saint.

The city is also full of Christmas decorations and lights. Miranda Sorgente who lives close to Milan especially likes the decoration competition that occurs between the shops.

”The shops compete for who has the most beautiful, artistic and most expensive Christmas decorations. But it is difficult to beat the Armani, Fendi or Dolce e Gabbana windows.”

Text: Johanna Ståhl 

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